Panda Express on Thanksgiving…

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a lunch/dinner at Panda Express. For those who haven’t heard of this chain, it’ll someday be in your neighborhood. The fresh made food is somewhat wholesome and rather inexpensive, a lot of carbs but hopefully the chicken makes up for the carbs. As I was driving down the road looking for an open place to eat, I saw the flashing light proclaiming they where open and here I am…

They have me working in Richmond and San Pablo today which on a normal day is a miserable place to work. Both cities are the exact definition of urban blight and between the massive amounts of graffiti and boarded up buildings, you wonder what these people are thankful for. What’s that old saying? “I cried because I had no shoes then I met the man with no feet.” It looks as if it’s going to rain here which adds to my gloominess.

I think I’m going to take Sunday off because quite frankly, I’m tired and I’m running low on energy. Well everyone, I wish you a happy thanksgiving and be happy who you have in your life. Let’s see, I think I’ll pick up another job and see if the customer is even home. Today is a non-fiber day and thus a kick back day. A lot of sitting in my truck… I do know one thing, This too will pass

Happy Thanksgiving

At this time of year they send the roving reporter out to ask the person on the street what they’re thankful for. Here’s what I would say, my health because if you don’t have that, you have little. I wouldn’t even say family because it’s becoming quite apparent that as long as I’m providing, I have usefulness in their eyes. Unfortunately I have a bunch of people in my life who see me as their cash cow.

I called Joshua this morning to wish him a nice Thanksgiving and all he could do was tell me how he needed money for his first-last and deposit. When I told him I didn’t have it, he hung up on me. I then called Chris and he told me the house is a dump and “Mom says you need to have the air ducts cleaned asap.” I told him that if he needed to have it done immediately he should put it on his card. Oh and he reminded me to pay the mortgage.

At some point this has to stop and 2018 it will. I’m near my breaking point and what I will do will without a doubt change everyone’s life. When they tell me how they need me to keep helping, I’ll say I’m so sorry but I won’t be. It’s not that I want them to dance in the wind but they couldn’t care less what happens to me. All of them are living in a warm place, I live in a RV. If this sounds like a rant it isn’t, well maybe it is but none of them cut me any slack even on this day of thanks… This too will pass

The World Today…

Let’s see, well Charles Manson has died and who really care where he heads to as long as he isn’t your next door neighbor in the afterlife. 1960’s heart throb David Cassidy is at death’s door but after living a life of addiction did anyone think it wouldn’t end up this way? Around the globe, Zimbabwe’s President Charles Mugabe is lucky he hasn’t found himself in front of a firing squad after the bloodless coup last week removed him from power.

It three days till Black Friday when millions of Americans make their way to malls to melt their credit cards and spend money they don’t have. Without fail, a news van will be parked in front of a Target or Best Buy and a smiling reporter will interview the moron who thought it would be fun to camp out for days so they could buy a certain toy or game. Six months from now that same item will be on the clearance aisle.

Who hasn’t thought, I hope they don’t attack the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Will some nut drive his suicide vehicle down some crowded street or a evil gunman shoot up a mall? Shortly after either one of those events we’ll get the usual speech of how we are a strong country and we shouldn’t let these things change our holiday plans and activities. When 9/11 happened, weren’t we told to spend money and shop? This too will pass

Sonoma Strong…

Sonoma, Napa and Lake Counties in Northern California were nearly incinerated a month ago but we’re been long forgotten by the current regime in Washington. Wait, I forgot California didn’t vote for Rtump so he wasn’t ever going to show his face. Maybe it’s that his wine producing vineyards are in competition with our wine vineyards..?

I heard that FEMA is busy checking people’s paperwork for fraudulent claims. Hmmm, I wonder if they checked Republican leaning states such as Texas and Florida for fraudulent claims? Wasn’t it The Divider-in-Chief who questioned Puerto Rico’s request for aid and patted himself on his back for doing such a bang up job?

Believe it or not, Governor Jerry Brown doesn’t expect much from The Rtump Adminstration. California is the sixth biggest economy on this planet and I think we’ll do just fine. Maybe I’m reading Mr. Rtump wrong? He’s probably too busy tweeting his moronic 280 character comments.

This sounds terrible but Mussolini thought he was safe right up until he was arrested by his captors and we all know how that turned out. If you don’t know how it turned out, get ahold of his mistress Clara Petacci… This too will pass

A Lack of Self Control?

Everyone needs water to survive but this moron needed it right then and there. To me this is more disturbing than it appears. When I’m working in the sun, I walk to my truck after I finish a job and take a gulp. I don’t stop everything I’m doing and ask the customer for a bottle of water.

Secondly, this idiot so easily made fun of Senator Marco Rubio momentary pause for water while giving a speech last year, then he himself pounced on that water bottle as if he hadn’t had water in days. The Divider in Chief mocked Mr. Rubio by throwing a water bottle around as if to say, he couldn’t control his water urge…

This guy is a fake, while he spoke of lowering the trade deficit he drank a bottle of imported water. I guess American bottled water wasn’t good enough for his Lordship? I might be wrong but I think we even have a trade deficit with Fiji. Slowly it’s coming to light that this King has no clothes and he can get really really thirsty… This too will pass

Four More Killed…

The word came out at about noon yesterday that yet another moron had gone on a rampage. This time only four people were killed and I say only four because lately with the recent mass shootings four pales in comparison to the jerk in Las Vegas and the other guy in rural Texas. You know there’s something wrong in our society when killing four innocent people doesn’t seem that bad.

The lone gunman decided he was going to cause havoc in the small town of Red Bluff and he did just that. He drove from place to place and attempted to settle scores. He made his way to a grade school but found all the doors locked so he moved on. The details are sketchy but at one point he pulled his weapon on two police officers and that was the end of him.

Soon after the tragedy, The Guy in The White House did his usual tweet of condolences but cut and pasted the wrong shooting. This moron could take the time to even check what he typed. Yes folks, this is the country we are living in. It seems like everyday some gun nut is taking out their revenge on innocent people and we have a leader who really couldn’t care less. This too will pass

I’m A Sentry at Peet’s…

The crowd at this Peet’s at the edge of East Oakland is a bit rowdier than most Peet’s located in and around Oakland. I believe this Peet’s is the south most of their stores in Oakland. It’s a wasteland below Fruitvale Avenue until you reach the city of San Leandro. This Peet’s closes at 7:30 or when the sun goes down for good reason, the freeway on ramp is a few hundred feet away for an easy getaway.

I had finished putting in a fiber for a man who had no clue what fiber optics was but he would lower his bill by five dollars if we installed it. The guy before knew everything about fiber and used code words such as latency and duel mode. It about to rain here and that’s when the real fun will start working for The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company. It looks like I’ll be spending a lot of down time at a Peet’s. This too will pass

“I Am A False Prophet!”

Joel Olsteen should be forced to say, “I am a false prophet and God is a superstition” before they sentence him for ripping off his congregation. I never liked this snake oil salesman. He exudes a aura of mistrust. I find it interesting that a hurricane destroyed his meal ticket when he refused to open his church to evacuees. Please don’t worry about Joel and Victoria, rumors  are he has left his mega-church for greener pasture though there was already a lot of green lining his pockets prior to leaving. He and his bimbo wife did quite well as they lived high off the hog. This too will pass

He’s A Real Moron…

The Divider-in-Chief says he believed Vladimir Putin when he says his country did not meddle with our election and he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Oh and he thinks Mr. Putin was offended by him asking the question as to if he had anything to do with meddling. Was he serious? That’s like asking Adolf Hitler if he had anything to do with the burning of the German Reichstag and he becoming offended by asking him about it…

Still we have those on the right who are willing to say Mr. Rtump is doing a good job and so what if Mr. Putin helped him get in office. Finally, there are members of the Republican Party who aren’t willing to go down with the sinking ship. You know it’s going to only get worse. It’s pretty bad when The Bush Family couldn’t vote for this narcissistic charismatic psychopath and quietly voted for Hillary Clinton. 

It seems like everyday The Orange One says something more outrageous. The other day he told everyone that he didn’t blame China for taking advantage of the US. What sort of President says that sort of thing? Talk about throwing a country under the bus… I truly hope Mr. Mueller has a few more surprises for Mr. Trump when he gets back from his Asian tour… How about his son-in-law brought up on money laundering charges? Wouldn’t that be interesting? It’s not passing fast enough but it will.