Ok I’m Back…

Let’s see what’s going on. We have a guy in The White House who calls the leader of another country a rocket man. I mean how childish is that? It doesn’t stop there, he went onto call those ISIS terrorists losers. I wonder if he’ll be saying the same thing should they severely attack us? Then moron went onto go after Venezuela and the truth is I doubt he could find Venezuela on a map. 

There were a couple of massive hurricanes that caused death and destruction recently with more storms to come. Okay, so the waters in the Gulf of Mexico is 7 degrees warmer. The Governors of Texas and Florida don’t believe in climate change or global warming. Forget about that talk, I think Taylor Swift’s new album is coming out or her new scent is at all major stores.

A couple of massive earthquakes hit Mexico  and of course the dud in The White House sent his best wishes to Mexico. Somehow that and a peso can get you on a bus in Mexico City. My family are ok and Chris Facebooked them. Josh is heading to Boston to work at the Fairmont Hotel and Matt’s still behind bars. Tashi is happy at Mills College and I’m working tons of overtime. This too will pass 

Mills College…

My daughter is attending Mills College and with that she enters a new phase of her life. I hope she succeeds beyond expectations and that she enjoys attending a real university. I took today off to go to a family orientation event at the campus with her and M. This college is one of the few all women colleges there are left in this country and yes the college is struggling financially because they are serving women solely, go figure huh.

Tashi is a incredibly smart woman but she suffers with learning disabilities. She tried to get into San Francisco State but was rejected because math and her don’t get along. My daughter is a wonderful writer and hopes to major in creative writing and communications. I’ve read her work andI think she has the “it” so many writers long for. I told her what Hemingway said about writing. “You sit down and bleed your blood on the paper. It’s just that easy.” 

Well off I go to be with her. Yes, I took a bit of a break from writing here. The truth is, I just wasn’t feeling it. My stats are suffering for it but I couldn’t care less. Maybe going to this event will let me bleed something out later… This too will pass

The Total Moron Award Goes To…

Hurricane Irma was predicted to cause a lot of destruction and everyone was repeatedly warned to stay away from the seashore, yet you always get the guy who thinks taking a photo with his phone is a good idea. By now everyone has seen the video of the guy being slammed by a monstrous wave. I wonder when he changed his mind? Was it when he picked himself off the concrete walkway after the powerful wave cast him about like a rag doll or was it when he finally found his soaked and smashed iPhone? 

I swear some people are unbelievable. Did you hear about the woman in Miami who gave birth during the storm? She refused to evacuate but when the hurricane finally did arrive she then tried to get to a hospital. The 911 operator had to help her deliver the baby by phone. I don’t know about you but if I was going to give birth, I’d get to a hospital as soon as possible. Yes, here are two people who should receive the Darwin Award. They won’t because most award winners receive the award posthumously. This too will pass

89 Degrees…

The people in the know have said the waters in the Gulf of Mexico have risen 7 degrees and thus serious hurricanes are becoming a real problem. I was hearing the other day how Rush Limbaugh was telling his radio audience how the lying media is using the threat of deadly storms to help their cause and that Irma is a hoax. A few days later he took off in his private jet to avoid the hoax of the hurricane.

You know as well as I do that Senator Marco Rubio will stand before the cameras and say, “Let’s rebuild our state and talk about climate change at a later date.” I think he said the same thing after the Pulse Nightclub massacre about gun control. Hopefully he does address the cause for the rising waters but he won’t, his big oil contributors won’t go for that. 

By Tuesday we’ll know the full impact of Hurricane Irma and just as the waters recede in Southetn Florida maybe Hurricane Jose will make landfall. You know those who laugh at global warming tend to be able to evade the effects of it. We pay for their arrogance toward Mother Earth… It’s not fair and they must be accountable for their actions. This too will pass

There’s No Music…

Years ago someone decided to name hurricanes and now we have angry Irma about to hit Florida. The Republican Governor of Florida has told his people to get away from Irma and he’s doing what he should yet this moron still doesn’t believe in global warming. We are drowning ourself slowly but surely and unless things change, more of these sort of storms are bound to occur.

If you have read my blog you know how I feel. Florida is about to suffer a severe  drowning and maybe the people of Florida will vote these climate change deniers out at the next election. You know Hurricane Irma is being followed by her equally powerful brother Jose. Could these two storms be wake up calls to get global warming under control? No can only hope people realize we as a people are hurting Mother Earth. Oh by the way, when Irma finally hits the mainland, the overture of the Carmina Burana won’t be playing in the background. In the movies, it always accompanies mega disasters but this isn’t a movie now is it… This too will pass

A Real Coward…

So The Orange One decides to stop DACA, Deferred Action of Child Aliens, and instead of being a man, he sends out his puppet Jeff Sessions to do his dirty work. Meanwhile, he tells the gathered press how he has great lov for these kids. Great love for these kids huh, what a piece of work.

It turns out that most DACA people reside in California and Texas and as for California well we aren’t going to give our kids up to this fascist dictator’s agents. You’re right I’m mad. When will the morons who voted for this guy wake up and realize he doesn’t want to be president, he wants to be a dictator. 

I don’t think this moron has read a book in his life. Maybe he forgot his hero shot himself in his bunker with his mistress beside him. Other dictators have met other fates for their short sided views on governing their people but this guy wouldn’t know that because he doesn’t understand history… This too will pass


As I waited for my drink to be served at my favorite tea shop, an elderly woman asked if she could sit down at my table. Without hesitation, I welcomed her and it went down hill from there. I should have known that she wasn’t operating with a full deck when she told me how Trump wants to colonize the moons of Jupiter and of how Vladimir Putin is our secret friend. 

The discussion went from the greatness of Putin to how Kim Jung-Un wants to take over the world. Are you wondering why she thought Russia is such a wonderful place to be. Evidentially, she has friends who have gone there on vacation and from their reports, it’s a great place. Back to Kim Jung-Un, Trump will save us from Jung-Un’s attempt to seize North America. 

I tried to tell her the history why Koreans have such a dislike for Japan but she had never heard that there was an conflict between the two peoples. She had no clue that Japan invaded Korea nor China a short 85 years ago. The rape of Nanking never happened nor the atrocities in Korea by the Japanese Army meant nothing. I looked into her deep blue eyes and thought to myself, “You’re 77 and you haven’t a grasp on history.”

It was at that point I had heard enough and got up and made my way to the exit. I couldn’t even say goodbye. I know lousy manners but these are the people who voted for Trump. We are doomed. This too will pass

Another Fake… Joel Olsteen…

I always thought that guy was not what he appeared to be. He’s a snake oil salesman in an expensive suit. When asked to open his Lakewood Mega Church in Houston to the displaced and soaked, he refused until the press got ahold of it. Joel and his wife Victoria are two pieces of work. Remember back when she created a scene on a plane and how she said, “Do you know who I am?!” Doesn’t sound too religiously humble to me… 

 Many years ago M. was into Olsteen, she actually gave a little money to his church and wanted to see his traveling show, we showed up and it indeed was a circus show along with crying little girls praying to Jesus. I think it was after that we got up and walked out. 

Wasn’t it Jesus who hated hypocrites? This guy and his wife are the biggest hypocrites around and deserve to be reviled. Every Sunday he tells his sheep that they must open their hearts and wallets to those in need, I guess that doesn’t apply to them? He and his wife are outright fakes and I hope people wake up and walk away from his hypnotic smile and words. This too will pass

No Global Warming Here…

It was 104 in The City by The Bay yesterday and they say that beat an all time record. Maybe today we can beat another record! The planet we live on is getting hotter and unless we lower our greenhouse gas emissions we are done for. It’s not going to happen so we are cooked. 

Lately I’ve been noticing the sun’s rays seem more intense. My trucker’s left arm is much more darker than usual and well I’m sweating a lot more. Someone else has to be noticing how the heat indexes are rising. Last night it stayed unpleasantly warm throughout the whole night…

The weather people cheerfully tell their audiences how it’s going to be a good day to go to the beach to avoid the blistering heat. What will happen when being by the beach offers no relief? Oh I forgot to mention the wildfire raging in the Sierra foothills is still out of control and that’s filling the sky with heavy smoke. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to see here. This too will pass

The Heat Hits

The news is filled with reports of rain and flooding and quite frankly, it’s hard to relate with those stories when today it will hit 116 in Sacramento California today. Please don’t worry about me, it’ll only hit 95 here along the coast and bay where I am. Just over the hills it’ll be 110 in Livermore. Something is definitely wrong and yet we have elected officials who think global warming in a big hoax. I wonder if this is how the bilge crew member on the Titanic felt when he saw the damage from the iceberg?

Yesterday the smoke in the air was so heavy it almost blocked out the setting sun. The smoke was from the wildfires to the nort and east of us. One fire near the nearly collapsed Ovoville Dam went from a few acres to 2500 acres in less than 24 hours. The years of drought and tree killing beetles helped cause the trees to die and be turned into kindling. 

If I sound down, I am. 1200 people in India died the other day from extremely intense monsoonal rains and you know no one here cares about this disaster because it doesn’t affect our daily lives. Just imagine if 1200 people had died in Houston from Hurricane Harvey? Oh Hurricane Irma is on its way and it looks well developed. Those of you in its path, get out while you can. This too will pass