Runner Up and Burmese Yums..

Picture this, a nice poppy chicken salad with pecans and grapes added… Lately I don’t walk into the Whole Food Store saying, “That’s what I’ll have.” I go to the counter and if they have it I feel lucky for it’s usually sold out early in the day. What do they say about being an early bird catching the worm? I asked my friend if her Whole Foods has Sonoma Chicken Salad under another name but they don’t. It’s a regional item I guess. The deli person offered me curried chicken salad as a runner up. Passable yet not the same.

I’m no food gourmet but I like exotic tasty foods now in my life. I’ve always liked Thai but now my newest food passion is Burmese. Last night Rob and I each had a job near one of the best Burmese restaurants on the West Coast, Burma Superstar on Telegraph Avenue. He recommended the rainbow salad. A concoction of 22 different item: shrimp chips, green papaya, carrots and tomatoes in a tart and spicy tamarind oil and vinegar dressing. Excellent!

The entree of pork and potato curry with a side of coconut rice equaled the tasty salad. I thought the entree would scald my tongue but the chili was subdued by the coconut curry flavor. To finish off the meal with vanilla ice cream with fried banana.. There is usual a line to get into this place but we walked right in… Yes even this too will pass…

The Heat Is On…

We hear the stories of heat waves lasting weeks in Texas. Our heat wave will last all of three days and I’m ready to melt. Yesterday The Worlds Largest Telecommunications Company finally sent me my new dark blue shirts. Foolish me put on a long sleeved shirt and I suffered the whole shift. You might not believe it but the ozone is indeed vanishing and the suns rays are feeling more intense…

The first relief from the heat started at 5pm and I’m debating going into work at 12pm. As I’ve written before I have a low tolerance for heat. I can take cold temperatures down to forty degrees but heat above 78 is my Achilles Heal. I know it sounds a bit over the top but that’s me. Maybe I can find a cool manhole to slither into. Manholes have a constant temperature of 55 degrees… Yes even this too will pass…

It’s Called Caring…

I attempt to read as many blog posts as I can of those I follow. I’ll even read the re-blogs of a re-blog to maybe get a little more insight of the re-blogger. I even check out poetry I don’t understand but here’s what bothers me; those bloggers who never quite have the time or caring to check out my little nook.

I know this sounds selfish and maybe it is, but fair is fair… Alright I know it might be issues with one’s WordPress reader and yes I understand those who once in a while go to this site but those who live on this site? Yes, I also take into account health issues and most all reasons but it seems to me people follow you so that you follow them. I guess it’s a game.

Trust me when I say that typing a post on an iPhone is a bit difficult on fingertips and between that and auto-correct it’s enough to drive one to madness.. I attempt to keep my posts about three paragraphs in length… Well I’ve said my piece or is it peace? This too will pass…

Grapes and Sulfur..


Of all the days to have to work, why did it have to be today? It’s going to be gorgeous here in grapeland. I met Rob at the wilderness temple on Sonoma Mountain. We needed to muscle the wood splitter to a new area of the property but by the time I arrived he had it in place. We walked amid the patches of leaves of three. We did let it be! Poison Oak that is…

It was so nice to see the grapevines being tended to by the field workers. At this time of year the work operation in the vineyards is sulfur dusting the grapevines to prevent powdery mildew. The operation is done mostly at night as to not upset the surrounding neighbors. Spring is in full swing in Sonoma County with bus loads of wine hungry tourists stopping at boutique wineries and attending wine pairings… Yes even this too will pass…

You Can Check Out Any Time You Want


But you can never leave and by the way, there is no pink champaign on ice… Not at this Hotel California. It was recently remodeled and now is low income unit rentals. There was a time if you were brave enough to go on a job there, you took your life into your hands.

Once I showed up on a late Friday afternoon. I asked the front desk guard to let me in the basement telephone room. He said, “I can’t leave until the coroner and police leave. What’s the name of the customer and what floor.” I replied, “Ella Carter on the third floor.” He shook his head and chuckled, “You can cancel your order. They found her dead about an hour ago. She hung herself from the sprinkler pipe in her room.” Yes even this too will pass….

Lost Man… Lost Life..


My middle son is ill yet he believes he’s just fine but he’s anything but fine. He recently made a statement to me that concerns me deeply, “I can’t think with my mind anymore and I need to do something about it.” What is his psychosis telling him? Trying to make conversation, I asked him his plans for the day. I knew the answer but I asked him anyway, “What’s your plan for today?” He will go back to his mom’s place. Sleep the day away and wander around the streets of Petaluma at night drawing bizarre pictures. Oh and he’ll look for a job that does not require him using his left arm.

I’ve said it before, I would have sterilized myself if I known this would have happened to my son. I knew the chances that he or one of my children would develop schizophrenia being my half brother was schizophrenic. There are many medicines that can stabilize him but why take anti-psychotic meds when you are just fine… Yes even this too will pass.

NaPoWriMo day 28: Poetry Hiding away

I rarely reblog poetry but I thought this one was well said…


RawMultimedia Photography - Cine Art - Patty 4

Photo edited by Richardo —>

Thank you so much! ❤

Hiding away


You hide away

From the warmth of life


To feel

You are more at ease

In the shadows of sorrow

Than in the light of life


To feel

You want to

But pain is more familiar

Than love ever was


you push me away

Hoping I will give up

On you

Darkness is consuming you

I can feel it


Don’t turn your head

Look at me

I am right here


Until you find yourself again

You can hide


I will find you again


– Just Patty –



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Dust In The Wind…. Literally

The verse goes, “Aren’t we all just dust in the wind?” Yesterday I made a comment about Treyvon Martin’s killer and you would have thought I had awoken a sleeping bear from it’s hibernation. I was told that Treyvon will live forever and Zimmerman’s name will always be blah blah blah… My kind readers, if you have followed this blog and my privious blog you’d know how I view our existence and if you think I’m wrong tell me.

Hundreds of thousands of French and German soldiers died on the battlefield of Verdun. Name me just one name of anyone who died there. Name me one person in steerage who died on board the Titantic… Name me a one person who died during the siege of Masada long ago. Soon you will say the same about those who were killed in The World Trade Centers destruction or on board Malaysia Flight 370.

We are all points of divine light but our stay on this plane of existence is momentary at most. I am not devaluing anyone just looking at the big picture… Seeing the forest thru the trees as they say… Yes even this too will pass…

At Least It’s Not Raining Number 128…

Ed called me and asked I could assist him on locating water in a splice case. His readings had taken him to this sidewalk box yet upon opening the first case it was drive as a bone. We bcc shook the case hoping to hear water and it sounded like water but of course it was the other splice case.



Sure enough the second case was full of water. Water always finds it’s level. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon to work. One day fiber will replace us looking for water in splice cases… Yes even this too will pass..


Eco-Containers and Living In The Moment…

Driving to work this afternoon on 580, I glanced to the left and saw a mile long freight train loaded with at least a hundred blue 45 foot containers making it’s way into The Port of Oakland. On a few of the containers were the words, “Eco-Container… Bamboo Flooring Used”. I thought to myself, “You have got to be kidding. They have to announce to the world that the floor material is now bamboo?” The more I thought about it I thought of what they used to use, Teak and other hardwoods. I was the first one to scoff at their publicity attempt but after thinking about, every little bit helps…

Prior to starting work I popped into Whole Foods to get my weekly fix of Sonoma Chicken Salad, spinach orzo and broccoli crunch salad and peach oolong tea. I made my way to the lightest check-out counter. A woman behind me softly said, “I thought this was an eight items or less lane?” I looked in my hands and saw four things. The lady in front of me then tried to explain how she had been told to enter the line we were in. I offered the woman cuts and I said, “You’re in a hurry. Go in front of me. I don’t sweat the little stuff.” The woman now behind me said, “I do the same.”

The woman in a hurry turned to me and thanked me and said, “You know you’re right I’m always worried I’ll be late. I’ll be there when I get there.” I replied, “You’ll get there not a moment before you were meant to be there.” The three of us chuckled and we all went about our ways… Yes even this too will pass..