Today Is The Day…

I’m a man who needs a fundamental change in his life. The problem is, I don’t know what that change should be. This sounds weird I know. This change goes beyond a haircut or a new type of food to consume. This is an internal desire to change my life direction dead in it’s tracks. It goes beyond retiring and cashing in on my pension and taking the early penalty IRS hit.

I am restless and yet I’m not restless. Sometimes I believe this is another test in my life. Haven’t I had enough tests in my life? We don’t have do overs in our lives but I would love to travel back in time… I know this isn’t the Twilight Zone but if I could, I’d make right with a lot of people. I am willing to tell those I hurt of my guilt and being able to tell them, “I’m sorry for my actions.” This is no death bed confession but it is a time confront words and actions that I am not proud of…. This too will pass.

Pink Walls Of Fun….

If you lived in San Francisco up until the mid-sixties, you would remember a restaurant called Blum’s. I don’t remember much of it other than the interior was bright pink and it had a massive glass candy counter. Blum’s was known for it’s yummy crunch coffee cake though I can’t remember for the life of me what it tasted like. I believe it closed it’s doors in 1965 to became just bit more of the growing Macy’s Department Store. It was only yesterday that I saw an old black and white photograph of where Blum’s once stood. I smiled and said, “That was Blum’s. I remember that!”

One day I too will be a black and white memory. The photo of me standing on my front porch in my red cowboy hat and per stained pants will bring a smile to someone’s face. Then even that photo too will disappear into the nothingness of space. I’m totally okay with it. Blum’s was a good memory in a life filled with not so good memories. There will never be another Blum’s. I’m sure if you worked there you sometimes hated seeing those pink walls but I loved those pink walls. If this thing we call our souls existence is a cycle of birth and death and of re-do’s, then I hope I get to visit Blum’s once again. Yes even this too will pass.

A Famous Cable Car Conductor…

It was only yesterday that I heard that Poet Maya Angelou had a San Francisco connection. It blew me away when I heard she had been employed by the San Francisco Municipal Railway System prior to getting her start as a poet. I knew Maya before she became famous and here is my story…

I was a lonely kid who would enjoy leaving school at exactly 3pm. I didn’t participate in after school sports activities. My activity was to hop on a cable car and take an around about way home. I had all the time in the world, Well as long as I got home before mom did. A street car and bus ride later I’d be home. I felt like an adult.

I remembered her gold name tag reading Maya. It had to be her. How many African American female cable car conductors were there named Maya? I would sit near her and tell her some made up story about my day. I’m sure she knew it was a story but she would smile and say, “Now everyone hold on.” She would ring the bell and off we went. This too will pass.

Ice Caps and Dancing With The Stars….

I’ve had enough of the mindless drivel our media feeds us. Our planet is on life support yet we are constantly distracted by their dog and pony shows. Haven’t you noticed that the suns rays are feeling a bit more intense lately? That my friends is the effect of ozone depletion and it’s really no wonder the glaciers and polar ice caps are melting at a faster rate than before.

“Buy Neurogena SPF 50 sunscreen and enjoy your day out in the sun. Don’t get burned!” Isn’t that want the commercial says? My schizophrenic son might have been right when he said, “Dad. The end of the world is coming and you will need a lot of sunscreen.” Maybe he knows something I don’t? I was watching one of those shows on The PIVOT Channel. It dealt with climate change and melting ice. When the Greenland ice sheet melts, our sea levels will rise 6 meters but when the Antarctic ice melts, it will raise 160 meters. Notice I didn’t say if they melt.

Here is what is really important. This seasons Dancing With The Stars finale is near. Wait it’s The Voice finale is near. Oh I’m sorry, it’s American Idol that’s coming to a close… Who will be picked to receive the half a million dollars and have their very own album released? Some no talent singer and his wife just bought a baby stroller for 7000 dollars. What did Kim Kardashian and her equally no talent sister do now to have themselves in front of the cameras this time? When will we wake up and say enough. We’re not going to take it anymore… This too will pass

Memorial Day Part Duex…

Every country needs to have it’s day to remember their fallen soldiers. Today The United States thanks those those who gave their lives for the cause. It’s always a cause. By the way, the winner always writes the history and we just happened to win most of the wars we fought in. The Vietnam and Korean Wars were draws or we call them draws to save face. A lot of young men didn’t come home because they were told lies to get them in on the cause. It helped fill the recruiting offices..

Our government leaders claim to care about our boys who fought against our evil enemy until it’s time to fund veteran programs. They would never come out and say, “Who the heck are you. Get out of the way with your shattered bodies and minds. We’ve got another war to fund. Pull yourself up by your boot strap.” No they simply press a Nay button and scurry off.

A co-worker recently passed away from the effects of Agent Orange. (It’s called cancer). He fought in Nam believing he was a knight against communism but later he realized he was simply a pawn… How many more high stake chess games will we put our sons and now daughters in? I know I will get a lot of hate comments for this but enough is enough.. This too will pass.

The War To End All Wars…

Being that today is Memorial Day I feel it’s important to remember those who died during World War I. Now that all but three combatants of The Great War have passed away; can we remember those who gave their lives from both sides? Does it really matter? At the Battle of Verdun in Northern France almost 750,000 men died in three months. Some men wore gray uniforms others wore blue but it really didn’t matter because they all bled red. Historians say that for three months it rained droplets of blood in Verdun. The scent of iron rich blood and death remained in the air long after the battle ended. The Germans had attempted to bleed the French white at Verdun.

The French begged the British to open another front against the Germans so they picked The Somme. On the first day of the battle, 19,000 British Commonwealth soldiers were killed. Blame it on bad planning or bad coordination but The Somme became another bloodbath. The battle front then shifted to Ypres France and still more death. Millions fought and died on those battlefields but who knew that one disgruntled corporal would change what was to happen in the world thirty years later… The rest is history and here we are…. This too will pass.

University of California Santa Barbara

A disgruntled young man goes on a stabbing and shooting rampage in a college town down South. His spoken manifesto says it all. Elliot Rodgers filmed it from the drivers seat of his expensive German car. He was upset by being shot down by those of the opposite sex. The only thing he could do was seek revenge for his hurt feelings. It doesn’t make sense but in his mind it made perfect sense.

The local police had come in contact with him before but I’m sure his standard reply to the police officers questions was, “Do you know who my father is?” His father is a well known Hollywood producer who was involved in the movie Hunger Games. I haven’t seen the movie but my daughter says it’s about young adults who kill other young adults… Mmmm, a movie about young adults killing other young adults… The producers of this swill are so willing to make these movies and call it entertainment. Now six are dead and seven wounded but guess what; another one of those summer blockbuster horror movies will open tomorrow. Not enough horror for you huh? What is it they say, “Art imitates life or is it life imitates art?” This too will pass.

Peaceful Living

This too will pass…


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The Passerby

I thought I had seen all of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone episodes over the years but this afternoon I saw one that actually put a smile on my face. Actor James Gregory portrayed a Confederate wounded soldier who happens upon a widow sitting on her mansion porch watching wounded soldiers passing her house. The grieving woman stated her husband had been killed in battle and she hoped that one day she would get to see him again.

The widow and wounded man then talked about life memories when a shadowed Union soldier on a horse showed up. Earlier she had stated she would get revenge on any Union soldier for her husbands death. She kept to her word and fired a shotgun at the horseman but he didn’t fall from the blast. The wounded soldier begs the woman to let it go for her killing another soldier would not bring back her lover. The horseman then says to the wounded soldier and widow, “I understand why she did it. This too will pass. This too will pass.” Classic….

Conspiracy Theory 101…

I happened to catch an episode of Jesse Ventura’s short lived series Conspiracy Theory. It appears President Kennedy’s assassination was payback for him abandoning the attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro. Disgruntled high level CIA rogue agents set out to end President Kennedy’s reign and they completed their mission on November 22 1963 in Dallas Texas.

Who was one of the cast of characters in this American Tragedy? George Bush Sr…. Not old lovable George H Bush who hated Broccoli and said, “Read my lips. No new taxes!” He is anything but lovable. He assisted in the murder of JFK. Long ago I voted from this man. I believed his bullsh’t and that’s what really bothers me. I was seven years old when those shots rang out in Deely Plaza and I remember where I was. For some reason George Bush Sr doesn’t remember where he was that fateful day…

Soon all the key players of this tragedy will be a memory.. This disgusting mess will be just a page in a textbook. The word assassin and Lee Harvey Oswald will always be tied together but the name George Bush Sr will never mentioned. So when that day comes and it’s time for President Bush’s legacy to be stated remember he wasn’t just that lovable old man married to Barbara… This too will pass.