An Earthquake Into Consciousness..

Okay we just had another earthquake in Napa this morning at 1:56am. they say its an aftershock of the 6.0 that hit last Sunday or was it a view of things to come? It doesn’t matter does it. If something is meant to happen then it will happen and if it’s not meant to happen then it won’t. There are those who are so willing to predict death and destruction but I’m more of the mind to see positive things happening. You might be saying to yourself, “How could an earthquake be anything but negative?” Could a massive earthquake be the ultimate turning over of the proverbial checker board. Maybe The Cosmic Consciousness needs to let happen? I might be talking out of my vent (a chicken term) but what if we as a people have been lulled into the grand illusion. Maybe we have strayed away from our true goal of enlightenment.

I sense something is coming and yet maybe it will be something that at first seems horrific yet when it’s all said and done it will be just right. I’m not going to sit here in fear praying on my knees that it doesn’t happen. I put my full faith in the higher Consciousness. Ed my fellow worker keeps telling me that The Rapture is coming but I see it different. I constantly tell him, “If you have full faith in God; then why worry Ed? God wants you whole and happy not unhappy and shattered.” If you are reading this in fear don’t. I am not trying to cause fear in anyone. If this sounds like some Sunday Sermon it isn’t. Trust that even though things look bad, bad is relative. Maybe we just can’t see the forest thru the trees.

Have you noticed that there we are constantly bombarded by a news feed unhappiness and death. The other day I drove by the intersection of Highway 37 and Highway 121. The news stations reported massive destruction where dogs and cats were living in unholy matrimony. I drove over it and barely felt the bump in the road. The Collective Consciousness is rising and we are witnessing it but we just don’t see it… Yes even this too will pass..

(P.s… This is the first post typing on this computer box thing. Hopefully the typing errors will be minimal. I thank those who have put up with the mis-spells and such… Off to work… Everything passes.)


And It Begins…

Last night I began to put down the first three pages of my long term vision. A three part play/opera with God Consciousness as an end resolution. I know it sounds weird as an ending but what is weird about finding ultimate peace? Wasn’t it Plato who said, “Know thy self?” I believe it was him but I might be wrong. If I am wrong then don’t quote me on it.

This morning as I sat typing away. My ‘want mechanism’ had a smart idea, well I thought it was smart. An I-TV thing-a-majig would be nice so I jumped in the car and took a ride over to the Apple Store. In less than 5 minutes I was sold an I-TV unit… I asked the salesperson are you sure it’s compatible with Mac Box Pro. She huffed and said, “Of course sir! It’s part of Apple and only a moron would ask such a question.” Alright she didn’t say moron but you could tell she was annoyed having been asked that question.

I got it home and plugged it in and nothing… It turns out it is not compatible with the computer. Twenty minutes later I was back at the store with the box and cords in my hand. A cheerful greeter asked me what I needed. I said, “Hi. I bought this 30 minutes ago and it doesn’t work.” The greeter called over the floor supervisor who came up to me and said, “We’re sorry. That device doesn’t work on your laptop. We will refund the amount immediately and train the salesperson who sold it to you. She didn’t listen to what you needed.” I replied, “I’m not trying to get her in trouble. I truly am not tech smart maybe I didn’t explain it right.” I am a tech support person’s nightmare.. If they say, “Please hit any key.” I reply, “Which is the any key?” This too will pass.

Schizophrenia In Santa Rosa…

I didn’t know the cleaners where I left my dirty clothes yesterday opened at 8:30 on Saturday morning, so I had a half hour to while away. I made my way to the corner of Fourth and D Streets in Santa Rosa. I deserved a Starbucks cup of cocoa and treat, Peet’s looked booked solid. I thought to myself, “I’m going to have to run the gauntlet of panhandlers.” but not on request was made. The men outside who looked quite worn with stains of life on their clothes and backpacks.

I walked in and assumed the position behind the ten coffee starved souls in front of me. A man at the counter wearing a red cap was finishing his order when an irate man began a rant directed at the red capped man. You could see the irate man suffered from Schizophrenia with a touch of paranoia. He yelled out, “You come in wearing a red cap with a peace symbol yet you want neither peace or coffee.”

The red capped man turned around and made some comment to him that enraged the shouter even more. The petite store manager quietly shouted, “Please! You both need to leave right now or I’ll call…” Her quiet shouting lacked any authority and the crew of homeless men took their time moving the argument outside where it was resolved.

I walked over to the red capped man and said, “Poor man, he suffers from Schizophrenia. It’s tough.” The red capped man replied, “He won’t take his meds. I take my meds and I stay sane. He feels he’s just fine and won’t take them.” This too will pass.

Cancer and Faith…

The other day, Rob and I were getting the road ready so that a truck could deliver 18 yards of sand to the Firewood Temple. It’s all part of getting electrical service to the property.

I was amazed when Rob said, “I never realized how much work there would be in getting a piece of land ready so one could build a house on it.” I agreed with him and reminded him that if it wasn’t for chainsaws, compactors and backhoes it would have been a lot harder. It’s good to see him finally having a bit of happiness in his life again. Rob deserves goodness in his life. No one should have to endure what he went thru; two wives dying back to back of cancer within two years of each other. Then to be confronted with trying to raise an infant son. His son is eight years old now and doing quite well. In fact he went in for braces and builds incredible Lego vehicles and structures.

A couple of days ago an announcement was posted though out the garage, “Funeral Services for Erica C. will be held at….” The last time I helped her husband, we had lunch together and talked about her illness. She had gone to Stanford Hospital for treatment and things appeared to be on the mend. He had faith that things would improve and she would be whole again. Her husband is now left with three small children and a hole in his heart. She died the other day of breast cancer at the young age of 33 and once again no one should have to endure the pain of losing their lover… If you were hoping to read a cheerful ending to this post, I just don’t have one now… Maybe later but as with everything. This too will pass.

Foggy Santa Rosa

The fog appears to be heavy this morning but when it finally clears it will be in the 80’s. My daily work schedule is perfect, I leave before it gets hot and return after the heat of the day has subsided. I’m happy right here, right now. I’m not worried what life will bring nor what life won’t bring. Things are perfect and then there is The Worlds Largest Telecommunications Company….

Yesterday the computer gave me a job in San Leandro California, nowheres near my usual work area. I thought it was a mistake so I returned it immediately. My supervisor called me and stated, “You returned a job… Why?” I replied, “John.. It’s 10 miles South of here. So someone closer can get that job.” Makes sense right? Evidentially I didn’t get the memo and neither did Rob or Ed. The Worlds Largest Telecommunications Company changed the rules and forgot to tell their employees.

John immediately went into defense mode and said, “You know you are supposed to call me when you return a job. They locked that job behind you.” Have you ever wondered why your phone and internet service is not working and where’s The Phone Man? I asked John, “When did they change this policy?” He replied, “A few weeks ago. I guess I forgot to tell you guys. My bad.” So some poor customer is waiting for me to drive south in heavy rush hour traffic and show up when there might be a guy looking for work around the corner? Our corporate motto used to be, “Communications Intelligently Planned” now it’s “Rethink The Possibilities” This too better pass..

Mac Book Pro…

While waiting for my brake job to be completed, I walked into the Apple Store yesterday. A cheerful woman in a blue shirt walked up to me and said, “What are you looking for?” I replied, “A laptop computer.” She replied, “It’ll be a five minute wait till one of our associates can help you.” I wandered around looking at all the I-This and I-That’s. To tell you the truth I haven’t a clue what the ‘I’ stands for. You’d think that being in the communications business, I’d be more tech suavy but I’m totally not.

Before long an associate was standing next to me. “What are you looking for?” He asked. “Something I can write an opera on and it doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles.” He led me to The Flagship of their arsenal, The Mac Book Pro. It started at 1299 but he said I could stream TV and listen to Pandora on it. 1799 dollars later I was the owner of a Mac Book Pro, well that and a printer and a three year protection plan in case it breaks down.

At the end of the day, I lugged it into the RV. I set it up on the dinette table and turned it on. It was at that point I realized it needed an internet connection, otherwise it would be totally and completely worthless. So now I have this totally streamline wafer thin mega computer that sits there mocking me. It says, “You are the proud owner of one of the most powerful laptops on the market. Looking for WiFi connection.” This too will pass.

Offers and Opportunities….

This morning I cleaned out my e-mail junk file. I was greeted by offers of revolutionary supplements that would make me rock hard so Russian women would marry me or was it by adding hair to my head so “BBW” women would have their way with me. I don’t think I want a late night hook up and I certainly don’t want a hot MILF knocking on my door. That sounds like trouble and I want the least amount of trouble in my life.

The junk file was also filled with credit card offers which were tailored to my needs. Imagine a card where you pick the interest rate and your choices are 10.99% or 29.99%. I bet the secret to getting the lower rate is you need to pay your monthly bill in Zlotys. Scrolling down, First Life Fidelity and Insurance wanted me to give them my social security number and mothers maiden name to get my insurance policy started. Sound reasonable…

Maybe right after giving them my information, I could be a secret shopper. Imagine shopping in stores and getting paid for it. I could use the many gift cards I was going to be sent if I once again just gave them my social security number. An ousted Minister of Finance in some Central African Nation saw good things in me. He thought I was quite trustworthy therefore I could help him get money that’s coming to him. All I needed to do was wire him good faith money to The Bank of The Congo. I’ll post another entry as soon as I get back from wiring him my some… This too will pass.

I’m Here and Now…

I knew the brake job would take some time to complete; so I decided to walk around Downtown Santa Rosa to wait for the “We’re done” call. First stop was Peet’s Coffee and Tea. I deserved an iced tea and a salted carmel donut. A woman asked if the seat across from me was taken, I said, “No. Join me.” It turned out she is a writer and we discussed life, writing an opera and death. Lately her life has been filled with loved ones passing and most recently her sister. I asked her, “What was the funniest thing you and your sister had done? Anything goes.” “Let’s see. When we were young, we went to Mass with a blue and black shoe on!We broke up and couldn’t stop laughing.” She looked out the window and chuckled..

She gave me a clue to her age by saying her oldest child recently turned 46 and “I wasn’t an early starter” were her words not mine. She appeared quite young for her age. Maybe the fact she practices Bikram Yoga for an hour and a half a day would build strength in any soul. We chatted about her love of quilt construction and my recent transformation into being a nomad.

When it was time, we shook hand and went our separate ways. Later a few blocks down at The Apple Store, there she was.. When she saw me buying an Mac Book Pro she said, “A good opera needs a good Mac.” We promised to keep in contact and once again we parted… Nothing happens by chance. I am now even more resolute in my belief with this encounter but as with everything, this too will pass.

Brakes and Tires

There’s one thing that will drive the most patient man insane. It’s taking your car to a tire store and then watching your car sit on the rack till they get around to working on it. Monday, I knew I needed to meet Rob in Glen Ellen at 11:30. With time to kill, I drove around Santa Rosa looking for a car wash but couldn’t find one. Knowing my tires were worn out, I happened on a Big O Tire store so I pulled in. A man came out and greeted me, “Welcome! Need a set for that tank of yours?” I replied, “Yes but I need to be in Glen Ellen at 11:30 which is in 50 minutes from now.”

In less than ten minutes I had a new set of tires on my Scion. By the time he rang up the bill and I presented my debit card, they were rolling the car off the rack. He proudly said, “They work fast. They also work at Infinion Sonoma Raceway on weekends. They live to put on tires and work on brakes.” I swear I was amazed. Today at 8:15, I am heading to them to have a brake job done on the little car. What is it they say, “If you love the job you do then you never work a day in your life.” This too will pass.

Who’s Going To Give Me First Aid?

Late in the afternoon yesterday, my supervisor said, “Remember, you and Rob got Red Cross first aid training tomorrow.” We then and there decided to drive in together. The trip turn-a-round was quite fast being I didn’t get back to Santa Rosa till 10:30 last night and I needed to be back on the road by 5:30am this morning.

We arrived with time to spare this morning at the training center. Lydia, the trainer, was energetic and actually cared. At one point she said, “Alright everyone get a “Bob” and let’s do some CPR. I was the oldest in the room and when I got down on my knees, my right knee gave out. Rob said, “You Ok?” I replied, “TKS…. Tired Knees Syndrome. That’s all.”

As the day progressed, it only got worse and on the way home when I went to get out of his car I buckled. Many years ago, the old phone men would tell me, “You should wear knee pads and save your knees.” Did I listen to them? Of course not, I was young and dumb. My mantra at that time was, “It’s only the body.” Now it’s only the body with tired knees. Yes even this too will pass.