Needles and Ice…

I’m laying here in the land of strains bruises and bad backs. What a better place to write a few words? After doing a few exercises, I’m being treated to an ice pack and that electronic instrument which sends light pokey sensations in my knee.

A few yards away a fellow in a gray sweat suit is trying to lift a box of weights from one shelf to another. Behind me a young female voice is telling the physical therapist she is getting her masters degree in philosophy. She quickly said, “I know it’s a paper or plastic degree.” Pretty sad a society we have where our young adults are judged not by their education but by their earning ability. Tell me this too will pass.


Did anyone get the number of the truck that hit me? I knew I’d feel worse in the morning and sure enough, I feel like my truck ran over me. As I mentioned in my last post, the doctor (I use that word loosely) asked me, “Of the three areas of your body that hurt; Which hurts the worse?” At that time it was my knee but now it’s my back.

You’ll be happy to know I’m under the care of The Concentra Medical Group. They are a “medical organization offering employers excellent care to wounded workers” if you believe their motto poster in the lobby. Another poster of a smiling injured worker and fatherly doctor standing next to him let’s me know I’ll be in good hands. Imagine a medical group where your doctor let’s you choose which of the three injured parts of your body they will repair. Wait only one? Forget about it, the other two will get better on their own. No I’m in good hands alright.

The last time I was hurt, it took weeks to see the orthopedic (and again I use the word loosely) doctor. He was a busy man on a tight schedule who bounced around Concentra’s many offices helping the injured workers get back to work. Any reputable medical network has at least one bone and muscle doctor. That’s how the doctor introduced himself to me the last time we met. He said, “I’m Doctor ___ . I’m the bone and muscle doctor here at Concentra.” I knew I was in good hands with him for he had a well worn and stained white doctor jacket. You know you earn that coat by being 499th out of 500th in your graduating class at Jon Hapkins School of Medicine. I’m doomed but this too will pass.

Flat On My Back…

Well not on my back but on my side is where I landed after I lost my balance and came crashing down to the concrete pavement. I quickly got up and went about my job until the adrenaline wore off. Being a responsible employee I immediately called my supervisor. When he heard what had happened his immediate concern was whether he would need to dispatch another technician to finish the job because really, Isn’t that what’s important? If JG1896 didn’t finish the repair, they might have look around and make calls to find an available tech.

Once he heard that he wouldn’t have to do anymore work, he then asked me if I was capable of driving the five ton Worlds Largest Telecommunications Company Vehicle because that’s also really important. God knows what would happen if I passed out or had a seizure from hitting my head and I ran over nuns carrying blind babies to their orphanage. Imagine what the payout would be! I told him I could indeed drive myself to the company’s medical provider.

I had been to this clinic many times before and it’s always the same bunch of C student doctors who partied too much and now here they are. Don’t get me wrong, they indeed got their medical degrees from prestigious medical universities such as Harward or Stamford not to be confused with Harvard and Stanford. Here’s what divides real doctors from these C student providers. I hurt my right arm, right knee and twisted my back and he asked me, “Of the three which hurts the worse. We’ll focus on the worse.” Oh brother… This too will pass.

I’m Full Of Words Today…

My right forearm has the following four simple words engraved on it, “This Too Will Pass.” When I’m hearing my supervisor telling me my production numbers aren’t meeting expectations I look down and remind myself of those four simple words. Twenty-five years ago, I failed to put a gray box with a mechanized test unit (MTU) at a customers house. You would have thought I had committed an unmentionable act against the company. They wanted to suspend me but thanks to a union steward and calm heads I was spared punishment.

Now with the advancement of high speed internet data and all that goes with it, if one of those MTU’s are caught on the line it’s sure disaster. No one would think of placing one of those things on someone’s line in this day and age.

I think comedian Martin Mull sang it best when he summed up his career, “I’ve played in some holes but this has all the taste of a Betty Crocker Cake.” My job was the greatest job now it’s a job and nothing more.

The Rules Of A Sinking Ship…

It was a cold night in April of 1912 when The Titanic slipped to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean. Many survivors lived long after the event but when it was all said and done, no one survived. Has anyone noticed that life is completely transitory. I believe Eckardt Tolle said it the best, “One day you no longer are sitting in your favorite chair. Your chair will be there and then even your chair will go away.” Please don’t get me wrong, ¬†enjoy your chair and all the joy that it brings but really nothing lasts forever.

Researchers say the hulk of The Titanic is rusting into an unrecognizable pile of debris. One day the word Titanic will mean little if anything, oh it will take a while but it will happen. I’ve learned many things in my life and here’s another thing; when you jump off a sinking ship, swim away from the masses of those thrashing about in the water. Why? Those who can’t swim will try to save themselves and if you as bit of stability they will drown you. It’s human nature to gravitate towards something solid. I call those souls energy vampires. Their lives are miserable and they feel empty so they seek those who might provide a bit of energy. It’s human nature to fill the void within. Some people don’t understand the “sinking ship” principle. They are good natured and try to help all humanity but they end up being dragged down.

The drowning man will grasp at the blade of a sword to save themselves. Ahhh but this too will pass.

Drama… No Thanks

We all have had our share of drama and the best way to avoid it is to walk away from it. From now on, I won’t be roped into it and if it takes cutting away the ropes that would bind me into it, then so be it. Why would anyone want to be involved with something that would bring darkness into one’s life. I’ll leave that to those who have the best of intentions but isn’t hell paved with best intentions?

Thirty years ago I would have walked into drama wide asleep. Now that I’m older I want to run the other way. When you’re young you see the goal and all else seems trivial. It’s only later when you are forced to come to terms with the reality of things. My life is perfect now and I intend to keep it that way. The cutting away of people, places and things will continue. Oh go ahead and call me a hermit but you know what? I’m one happy hermit and yet I must always remember that this too will pass.

Here Are Some Things I Don’t Want…

Here is a post meant for no one in particular yet meant for everyone in particular. So if you think it’s about you it isn’t. The following is a short list of things I’ve endured in my life but from this day on, I refuse to be apart of drama in any way, shape or form. I’ve had enough of drama and I refuse to be part of it anymore. I’ve endured enough drama in my life to last a lifetime. What’s another thing I refuse to have in my life? ¬†Arguments… I certainly don’t want those in my life. I’ve had my share and I don’t want, need or care to be involved in anymore of those. Let’s see what else I certainly don’t want in my life… Did I mention drama. Oh yes I did, but please let me add to what I think of drama, you can keep it and if you want drama their are souls with heavy pain bodies who can provide all the drama you can handle and more.

A third thing just came to mind, I don’t want anyone telling me I’m too much of this and not enough of that. I’m basically a caring soul and yes I’m human and therefore I do human things. Bears do bear things as wolves to wolf things. Here is what I want, I want to live in my RV in peace and if it takes me locking myself in from the world then so be it. You might be saying, “Why lock yourself away from the kindness of humanity? Sometimes humanity and kindness are oxymorons. I’ve had enough. So you might be asking yourself, What does he want? Is it a new car? No thats the last thing I want. i want something that doesn’t cost a cent… It’s peace. Who in this plane of existence wants unhappiness? No one, well maybe a few souls with a heavy pain bodies want unhappiness but really most souls want peace. Yes even this too will pass….


I got up super early this morning and made my way to the nearest Starbucks. Novato is a bedroom community of San Francisco and thus Starbucks caters to commuters leaving early to make the trek south to The City. A man approached me and said, “Could you buy me a cup of coffee. I seem to be down on my luck.” I replied, “Sure. Come on in and you order what you want.” I used my free 12th coffee free thing, perfect timing.

We went back outside and he told me how he had been a software engineer for some major company in Silicon Valley designing ATM’s. It sounded impressive but he had started to party and now here he is asking for coffee. He says he has reached bottom but I didn’t want to tell him there is no bottom. Steve then said, “I wasn’t always like this.” I reassured him I knew he wasn’t. We talked of ways to climb back up the hill to sobriety and self control. I mentioned the idea of owning his issues rather than his issues owning him.

Steve seemed to be receptive to the principles we discussed. I can only hope he tries to make the crawl back up the hill. He took out his expensive Galaxy Android phone and input my number in his contacts. He then said, “As soon as I get my phone re -activated I’ll give you a call.” I replied, “Be good to yourself.” He said he would try. That’s my standard line to those who appear to be suffering. On that it was time to move on. I wished him well and told him to have compassion on his suffering. This too will pass.

Quiet and Peaceful Sunday…

It’s early on a Sunday morning, and how do I know it’s early you ask? The freeway four hundred feet to the right of me is silent. I suppose soon the days Sunday traffic will slowly build up as it always does. Later this morning I will meet Rob at The Firewood Temple to lower the three inch plastic duct into the trench. This is just the next phase of getting power to the property. Tomorrow the electric company duct inspector will visit the site and give his approval.

If all goes well, I might be able to move this vehicle to the property in a couple of months. If not, I will continue to be a nomad and move where the wind takes me. I’m not the first one to do this and I doubt I will be the last. Yesterday the weather was perfect at The Firewood Temple, both of us kept saying to each other , “God it’s perfect weather!” Over the few hours we were there we must have said it five times. It’s a good time in both our lives, I doing my thing and Rob finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel in getting his property ready to build a house on. Life is just right for both of us but even this too will pass.

Optical Grape Picking…

What’s next? Coming down from the Firewood Temple I was following this big rig carrying this puppy. I suppose this tool is a tax write off as opposed to 20 undocumented workers.


We glued the power conduct together and tomorrow before work will lay it in the trench.

This too will pass.