A Day In A Life…

Pandora played one of my favorite songs this morning and I knew my day would be a good day. Okay maybe the next two and a half minutes would be good. I was just a kid when Elaine MacFarlane and Spanky and Our Gang were making hits but even today those late sixties hits are classics. I recently Googled the band members and most are now making music in another in plane of existence.

It’s pouring meows and woofs here in Petaluma and everything is getting a nice wash down. The world continues to spin and right now life is good for me. I’m thinking about starting another blog because I have lost all anonymity here. I can’t say what I want to say and I need to be able to write without feeling as if I have to hold back. I need to bleed on the keyboard with worrying about what others will do.

Everything happens for a reason and I look back on my life and say, “Wow. It definitively didn’t end the way I thought it would end.” So now you say, “This too will pass” and move on.

Exit Stage Left…

I may be a dreamer but I’m not the only one. Okay I’m a Piscean and we tend to live in the clouds. The good thing about living in the clouds is you can see better from up on high. I mean really, isn’t that what life is all about being able to see the forest thru the trees?

What if I told you that this thing we call our existence is part of a grand illusion? The Hindus call it Maya but I’ll call it The Grand Illusion. Oh don’t get me wrong, you do need to pay your taxes and go to work but think about this; You were born into this grand play, you do your role then one day you will step off the stage. The play will continue on and then one day it too will end. I’m not down playing anyone’s life or accomplishments.

All I am saying is life is about living in the now. Now is what matters. Living in the now gives peace to a worried mind. Why worry about what might happen? Even if the worse was to happen to you, know it too will pass.

Things I Know and Things I Don’t Know…

The end of the universe is coming, give a few billion years or so. I’ll tell you another thing I know. Somewhere in the world a mother is crying for her lost child. One more thing I know is things happen for a reason and it’s our job to try to figure out why they happen… What I’m about to write might sound like the rants of a demented men but hear me out before you pass judgement. I try to see reason in everything and lately it’s been quite tough. Take for example the twelve year old boy was playing with a toy gun in a park. An officer thought it was a real gun and gunned him down. It later came out that the second officer in the police car was a senior trainer.

One can only hope new rules and training will be implemented after this bad situation. Why did a young boy need to die for rules to be changed? That young boy didn’t want to die but maybe, he needed to die so that others may live. I know this sounds like madness but maybe The Cosmic Consciousness needed to let this tragic event to happen to change our Collective Consciousness but what do I know? This too will pass.


I’ve run out of words. I haven’t posted anything here for the last couple of days because they just aren’t there. I could write about many things that have happened to me recently but who really cares? My play writing has also dried up. I sit at the keyboard and just sit…..

12 Years a Slave…

Netflix sent me my sixth DVD today. It wasn’t my next choice but in some ways I’m glad it was. It’s as if The Cosmic Consciousness said, you wonder why people are upset in Ferguson Missouri? Watch this puppy and you tell me if there hasn’t been a history of pain that never got resolved. I had a tear in my eye thru the entire movie. Between the unwarranted lynchings and beating, you can see how a teen killed by a cop could invoke outrage and screams of no more!

Now the controversial paragraph… Barbara Bush once commented of how “those people” who were forced into staying at the Super Dome during Hurricane Katrina, were “just fine.” I also remember her saying something about slavery “not being that bad.” Her statements was discounted as Barbara Bush having a old lady moment. What was it they said, “She didn’t mean anything by it, that’s sweet loving Barbara being misinterpreted again.” It kind of sounded like a, “let them eat cake then” statement made by an out of touch Queen.

Anyway, if you think slavery wasn’t that bad, watch a few minutes of this Oscar winner. I know some people will say, “That was 164 years ago. Forget about it.” It hurts to even watch this sanitized movie of slavery and injustice. Thankfully our Collective Consciousness has been raised to where we don’t have slaves anymore. Well we still do have white slavery but they don’t lynch them like they did 164 years ago. The masters just keep their passports and have then live 10 to a room… What a happy ending of a post! This too will pass.


A local radio news commentator came out and said it, he was disgusted with the major three cable news outlets for helping cause what went on thru out the country last night. Did CNN, Fox or MSNBC expect anything less than a full scale riot? It was a lights camera action reality set, cue the screaming hordes please. They got what they wanted didn’t they? I mean more stock video loops of cars burning and stores ransacked, now if that doesn’t make for good television. Who would watch people standing in silence praying?

The truth is the lake effect snow in New York was getting boring. There will be loads of video of streets flooding but that can only attract the simple minded viewer only for so long. No they needed to show a car dealership up in smoke. Now that’s some good action and black people rioting, wow they hit the jackpot. Yes I’m saying it, the people of this country have been lulled into submission.

When are we going to stand up and say, “No Mas! We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.” Maybe the movie Network was right, “If it bleeds it leads.” Last night was a prime example of that saying but some people are finally seeing thru the thin veil of what they call news. Is it news when the news people make it? Are we going to continue to take their word as gospel? I’m not.. This too will pass.

Ferguson… CNN’s Role…

After tearing my muscles to shreds at the gym, I sat around all day watching the coverage of the events in Missouri. The CNN hosts were on shifts of “standing by for the announcement.” The anchors were constantly warning everyone , “We need to be careful because of this tinderbox is ready to explode.” Of course they had to keep showing video loops of people marching and rioting because that’s makes good television.

I found it funny that their camera was positioned behind a Season Greetings sign over the street. Another thing I found funny was they had all their African American troop of reporters out covering the situation but none of CNN’s flawless female reporters were sent to Ferguson. They remained in the studio saying, “We’re sending it back to you.”

CNN’s token black gay reporter Don Lemon was given the lead position in their coverage spectacular. They tried to mask his studio well dressed image by putting a rugged coat on him with the letters CNN on both sides. This morning, the same two reporters were out on the streets of and I found their comments quite disturbing. “Well Don, It’s going to be wild tonight don’t you think?” Don then replied, “Well let’s hope not.” The 24 hour news cycle continues. This too will pass.

How Long?

I fell out of the back of my ladder truck on the 29th of September and now it won’t be until Mid-December before I see an orthopedic surgeon. Thank goodness I wasn’t seriously hurt for it took more than a month just to get a MRI done. I’m not complaining because I am finally enjoying my life. A man could get used to not working like a slave and by the way, the clock is ticking that much closer to me being 591/2 when I can touch my pension. If by chance I could manage to be on disability till I’m 58 and a few months well then I could retire. I’m done with The Worlds Largest Telecommunications Company for I could easily drive a limo until I get tired of that. I’ve already been offered a limo job by my buddy who used to own the pizza parlor in Penngrove. His daughter is in charge of hiring drivers for one of the biggest limo services in Sonoma. I helped them on their home wiring gratis and they remember my good deeds.

For now I’m spending most of time at the gym but this time I have a different goal in mind. My new goal is to trim down to 171 pounds and I know I can do it, if anything my muscles are getting rock hard. A.J is putting me to the test and he even says, “You can do it’, but don’t they all say the same thing. I’ve been working out for three weeks and I can easily run on the instrument of torture for 60 minutes without stopping and the weight lifting and cardio training is proceeding full speed ahead. Here’s the nice thing about not working, when I’m tired I can go and take a nap and let my muscles heal. No life is good for me and I am finally enjoying every breath I take… There are a few problems I need to take care of but they will go away in time. ¬†They too will pass.

White Friday…

In five days, Black Friday will mark the first day of our yearly spending orgy but who really wants to wait for Friday? Our thoughtful retailers will remedy that problem by opening their doors to shoppers on Turkey Day. A day of giving thanks to God has become another day of melting your credit cards in a frenzy of buying; and you know it’s right around this time of year when the media reports, “Retailers are worried that spending will not meet expectations.” That’s your signal to go out and buy some more stuff so you can help the stores make more money.

Don’t worry about what will happen in 90 days when you get those form letters telling you how credit is a privilege and keeping up on timely payments is an important part of good credit. If your minimum payment is too much to handle, just go to the store you bought that stuff from and tell them, “I helped you guys when you weren’t going to meet expectations.” I’m sure they’ll just take that credit card statement and zero it out and say, “Don’t worry about it. You helped us.”

When are we going to stop listening to the line of how retailers are people and they have feelings. Have you noticed the media never says, “CEO’s of the retail corporations are worried that buying expectations aren’t going to be met.” The reality is few if any of our CEO’s would buy any of their own products let alone on credit. This year I’m not falling into their trap. This too will pass…

Has It Come To This…?

One of the advertised benefits of staying at this RV Park is they provide forty-nine channels of free cable programming. I hadn’t watched television for now going on three months and I was shocked at the trend of programming lately… Here are your choices on the supposedly educational channels: many variations of country people doing country things, people making moonshine and people blowing up things.

If you think watching people with no teeth making alcohol is something worth watching then wait till you see men looking for things with metal detectors. What’s so interesting about men with big beards going about their lives? I can say honestly I haven’t seen any of the above shows for just watching the promos for these shows makes me want to run.

It’s really sad to say it, but we as viewers have been dumbed down beyond belief. Are we now watching episodes of people surviving in Alaska thinking that those types shows are educational and who cares about people buying stuff in a storage unit. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy but are the media moguls really giving us what we as viewers want or are we being subtly being fed dumbed down programming? This too will pass.