Finding Happiness…

Again I woke up early this morning and after looking up at the ceiling, I wondered what the day would bring. The quiet of the early morning was broken by that single frog I’ve mentioned before. He lets out his single crock and nothing more. He’s happy just crocking out once to let everyone know he exists. In two days I will be putting my work boots back on and go back to making money. If it starts raining, then it will be mandatory twelve hour days and I’ll be happy… I’ll say to myself, “Find Zen climbing that old wet telephone in that trashed backyard while those muddy pit bulls next door are barking their lungs out.”

Everyone talks about finding happiness but the only place you can find happiness is in the moment. It might be a bit hard trying to find happiness while changing a tire in the pouring rain but they say it can be done. Being in Zen is where happiness exists. I’m sitting here at this Starbucks drinking this iced tea and right this moment I am happy. I’ve said it before, you have never heard of a depressed lion. Lions live in Zen everyday of their lives. When they are hungry they hunt. It’s not that they say to themselves, “I’m hungry. I’m going to find a zebra to munch on.” No they do what comes natural them.

It’s our nature to be happy and The Cosmic Consciousness wants us to be happy. God is love and happiness not hate and despair. There are so many people that live under a cast of doom and gloom. They think things won’t workout but they always do. One of my parting phrases to my co-workers is, “Have fun.” Some of them look at me and shrug their shoulders and say, “Yeah. In this manhole.” When I say it, I mean it and I’m not trying to be a jerk. I want them to find happiness even if it’s in a cockroach infested manhole. On to the gym with it’s torture devices where I will be in Zen at that moment… This too will pass.

The State of The NFL Address…

Are you kidding me? I channel surfed thru the many ESPN Channels where endless round tables with well dressed men were discussing the football commissioners address. Frustrated, I turned the channel to CNN and the graphic banner said it all, NFL in Turmoil. I flipped to The FoxStooge Channel and of course the running banner read, “Is NFL Commissioner Goodell’s Address more popular than obama’s address?”

President Obama gives his State of The Union Address and it gets maybe an hour of discussion afterwards, but Commissioner Goodell’s The State of The NFL Address gets hours upon hours of in depth analysis… Who cares about our country’s economy or other boring things like job growth? The important thing that matters is what city will have a new football team!

Don’t get me wrong, I watch football. So long as it’s The San Francisco 49ers and they are winning by 30 points in the last 2 minutes of the game. This was the first time I heard the phrase, State of The NFL Address. Please tell me our country’s citizens haven’t become a nation of people who are easily distracted by loud music, shiny bright lights and confetti… Who’s the halftime show headliner by the way? This too will pass.

And Here We Are…

I walked into the company garage yesterday with high hopes of retiring and never having to wear my linesman boots or fluorescence green rain gear again and now I am wondering where I stored them four months ago. Monday I will report to work at 1pm bright eyed and bushy tailed or at least with my required company ID on.

It will take a few days to get back into the company’s computer system thus for days I’ll be reading boring safety and business related memos, well at least four months of things I’ve missed. Did you know double A batteries can not be thrown away without tape being placed on both ends. A 256B adapter has been replaced by the 256C adapter except in Western States. Oh please shoot me, I can’t take it anymore.

No more afternoon naps or spur of the moment drives to the ocean. No, on Monday I return to my old routine of working in one of the most dangerous cities in this country. Oakland is a battlefield and soon I’ll be on the frontline doing night duty. It will be dark at 5:30, so the three remaining hours of my shift will be in the dark, oh what fun. Do you see why I’m so happy? This too will pass.

If I told You Wouldn’t Believe It…

Seriously, I called my workers compensation case manager and told her, “Hi it’s Juan. The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company is about to offer a buy out to eligible non-salaried employees. The problem is, if I’m on disability, I won’t be qualified. What should I do?” The response was, “Well go to your doctor and tell him you’re better and you want to be released.”

I drove down to Oakland to see the original doctor and waited about two hours being that I didn’t have an appointment. He was more than happy to release me and let me resume my job. He wished me luck and congratulated me on retiring a year and a half early.

I drove directly from the doctors office to my work location garage. Others in my work group sensed I was near the end of my employment and thus they had started to pick tools off my truck. One guy even said, “I need your keys because I’m getting your truck when you leave.” Well he’ll be a bit upset when he finds out I’m not going anywhere. It turns out the offer excluded the area I work in. That’s right, I got off of workmans comp just to be able to take the buyout and here I am… This too will pass.

To Catch A Pedaphile..

This morning I decided to watch recent videos of To Catch A Predator. You know the ones, where Chris Hanson and police departments from around the country confront and arrest men who attempt to have sex with minors. The funny thing is the enforcement teams never have trouble finding these sorts of vermin to catch. Imagine these sorry excuses for men would walk into your house and have sexual relations with your child but when caught they say, “I’m sorry. I never would have done anything because I’m a religious man.” You have got to be kidding. One moron had the gall to give that as his excuse for him being there. “I’m a man of God trying to save her soul.” When questioned further as to why he was there, the mouse of a man said, “I’m weak but I’m saved.” Oh like that’s his get out of jail card. Sorry buddy, but get out of jail cards are only valid in Monopoly.

What is wrong with these men? Obviously they haven’t a clue about The Principle of Cause and Effect or Karma. It’s only when they are told to get on the ground by the four police officers that they think maybe they might have done something wrong… I can’t stand molesters. I was repeatedly assaulted by older men as a child and some were men of the cloth. What do you think their excuse would have been if they had been caught? They were part of a Order of Christ, I wonder what their Leader would have said about their behavior? Christians talk about being saved but really what would He have done to a pedaphile. If Jesus was more than willing to turn over the money changers tables in the temple; what would he had done to someone who hurt a child?

If there is Karma then they will get what they gave. I don’t need to do anything. It’s a known fact that a convicted predator is told not to mention his offense to other prisoners, Short Eyes don’t go over well there. These mice of men think they are the cock of the walk around young boys but when they’re around real men, well somehow they melt into the woodwork. Maybe I’m sounding a bit resentful but really who likes a molester? I have forgiveness for those men who used my body and as hard as it sounds, I don’t wish them harm. They did what they did and they must suffer the consequences for their actions… This too will pass.

I’ve Never Had Insomnia…

I know someone who has gone five days without sleep and frankly I don’t know how they do it… Right now with these pills I’m taking, I’m in a weird sleep pattern. The cocktail of pills cause me to be totally exhausted by 6pm and I fall asleep shortly there after, then at 2am I’m wide awake. This will will last for a while and then things will change, everything changes. Please tell me what doesn’t change? A car quickly turn old the minute you drive it off the car dealership lot. Check the Kelly Blue Book if you think I’m wrong and a mountain will become a valley in a few millions of years. The only thing that remains constant is The Cosmic Consciousness.

I’m not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking and really why would I? You believe whatever you want to believe, as for insomnia, I’m not a lonely man, you might say I’m an alone man but I sleep well. ¬†They say a good way to fall asleep is to calm the mind. How do you calm a restless mind is the question? I’ve been told to be aware of your breath. The most important thing you do everyday is to breath, so why not be aware of it? They say you can’t think of anything else when you focus you mind on your breath. That simple act might calm the ideas that stream thru your unsettled mind.

Well for me I’m going to shut this laptop down and focus on my breathing. I might light a candle or two and dream of some interesting things such as a zebra playing a flute or the important meeting I need to attend in my underwear. I often wonder what an enlightened soul dreams of. What did Jesus dream of? They say this entire plane of existence is one big dream and I tend to believe this idea. Dreams come and go as does everything. This too will pass.

Compactors and Bulldozers…

I’m not quite ready to be a member of Operating Engineers Local 6 but now I can add earth compactor operator to my resume. I learned from the best teacher possible. Rob’s cousin Greg has been operating heavy equipment for forty years so he knows what he’s doing. When he’s not operating this puppy on a hillside, he’s helping put out wildfires with a D6 bulldozer.

Greg is one fearless soul, not because he can drive a bulldozer into a wall of flames. No, that man can stabilize this compactor after a certain novice operator almost rolled it on a mild incline. The funny thing is about operating a compactor is they have low center of balance but still they can still rollover.

The key to a road that won’t wash out is the use of one of these machines. This little yellow monster doesn’t look scary until you shift on the vibrating lever, then all hell breaks loose and you are on a bucking bronco. The problem with the vibrating steel drum is it pulls you into a overturn slide. I learned that early on… This too will pass.

The Rooster Rises Early…

I was born in the year of the Fire Rooster back in 1957, so it’s my nature to wake up before the crack of dawn. I don’t make a lot of noise when I wake up unless it’s a big stretch. The first thing I do is light my assorted candles to get the day started and then I take it from there. I turn on my Pandora and give thanks to The Cosmic Consciousness for letting me learn easy and hard lessons. Shortly after blog post follows and then I’m either off to the gym or Starbucks for a cup of oatmeal with blueberries. In fact as I type this post, here I am with a half eaten oatmeal in front of me and an iced black tea.

I’m about to open up my newest screenplay entitled, “I’ll Be There For You. The other two screenplays are sitting on the cloud using Adobe Story Plus as is this one. I’m 82 pages into Finding Love In Despair and 70 pages into The Bird Sings for All. Don’t worry about it if someone uses these to titles, I just like the sound of them. Adobe Story Plus is actually wonderful and i can prove when I came up with the titles. Imagine what Shakespeare would have written using this tool but The Collective Consciousness wasn’t ready for this tool and who knows what will be introduced to us in another 800 year let alone one year.

No this rooster is wide awake and full of words this morning. You might say I’m full of ideas but not enough time to write them down. It’s weird, sometimes I’m on empty in the word department and then at other times I’m spewing words right and left. It’s weird my writing comes alive in the early morning, if I sit down in front of the screen in the early evening and there I sit. Go figure. This too will pass.

Firewood Temple Revisited…

Yesterday, Rob and I returned to the Firewood Temple on Sonoma Mountain after a four month hiatus. The land had finally dried out enough to walk around up there. It’s hard to believe Sonoma Mountain was once a massive volcano but that was a hundred million years ago. Now this mountain is known for being one of the best places to grow wine grapes in the area. We finally have started to sell the firewood we had cut, split and stacked two years ago. The heat of two hot summers had brought the water content in the wood down quite a bit. That heavy piece of wood which took two hands to stack now could be tossed onto the truck with one hand.

Selling firewood isn’t a get rich quick scheme for it takes about two years to see any profit. We had stacked twenty pallets of wood five feet high and two years later it had shrunk to four feet high. Does that mean only 20 percent of the water content had evaporated? I don’t know, the math seems to say yes. Besides the firewood, it was good to see my old friends. The family of deer that wander the property came to see us but were very weary of us. The flock of twenty wild turkeys didn’t even look up for they had business to tend to. The neighbors peacock screeched out it’s welcoming call and I knew exactly where I was.

As for wind damage, if I had left my RV parked on the property, I would have had to call a tow truck to haul away the sliced in two vehicle. During the massive rain storm in December, an oak tree had fallen at the exact place where the RV had been parked. In September, I told Rob that the trunk had been severely weakened when it’s partner had fallen unexpectedly. Upon inspection, the remaining portion of the stump appeared to be rotten and needed to be dropped but Rob disagreed… Nature dropped the tree for us. This too will pass.

Go Ask Alice… When She’s 10ft Tall

How does that 60’s song go? “And the pills that mother gives you don’t do anything at all.” How appropriate and I’d add… One pill makes me tired and one turns my urine neon red… One pill makes me listless with no energy at all. And the one which is supposed to give relief, doesn’t do much at all… Go ask Alice when she’s ten feet tall. Maybe I do need to smoke from the pipe and speak to the caterpiller… Na, I saw what it did to Matt. I think I’ll go about my life. Evidentially, I didn’t get a call from the urologist saying to get in there ASAP so the biopsy came back negative for out of control cells. Life goes on. This too will pass.