The Morons of Oakland California

What will the future be like for my grandson? I hope it’s more than what I saw this morning. Not having seen the local news in quite sometime, I thought I’d catch up. First up was an important story that needed to be told of last night’s dangerous car sideshow. You’ve heard of them? A semi impromptu event where a group of morons decide to ruin their cars by screeching their brakes and tires into dust and smoke. Oh it doesn’t happen in the more affluent parts of town because an intelligent person would keep their car in good shape to let it last longer; no fools like those folks get great joy out of driving in circles. The police don’t bother doing anything about these event because quite frankly they have more pressing issues.

Channel 7 did an in depth two minute report on last night’s event and of how a few spectators were apparently injured. An investigative reporter was dispatched to the scene by The Port of Oakland. The reporter went into great detail of how many cars and people were at the event. He must had gotten there as the last of the drunk spectators were leaving. He asked one of the participants, “You know this is illegal. You have no fear that you could be arrested for participating in this?” He got an in depth answer, “Nope.” I stood there and yelled out, “What was the point of even playing that guy’s answer. Nope, was the best you could get?” I turned off “The News” and shook my head. I can only hope Chris helps Hunter think critically and prevents him from falling into the common denominator trap of existence. This too will pass.

I’m A Victim Too Ya Know..

Before it was reported today, I knew exactly what former leader of The House of Representatives did. Mr. Hastert has sex with an under age boy on his high school wrestling team and then he has the (rhymes with malls) to say “I’m a victim too ya know.” What a miserable coward and then he pays millions dollars to keep his little dirty secret quiet. What part made him a victim.

Let’s look at what he did; In a position of power he has a sexual relationship with a teen wrestler. Thinking he got away with it, he comes off as a real leader of men. This piece of work then tries to bury his crime with a wheelbarrow of money and he’s a victim? A victim of thinking with the wrong head… This reminds me of the guy who kills his parents then asks the judge for mercy because he’s a orphan… This too will pass..

Saturday at The Opera…

As I drove the potholes of New Jersey I was truly lucky to have Sirius Radio in the rental car to distract me from the grit,grime and mugginess of the area. On one of my driving adventures, I heard the entire Opera of Samson and Delilah by Camille Saint-Saens. Here’s the thing about the opera, the one aria you ever hear is the most known song (Mon coeur s’ouvre a ta voix) where Delilah professes her love for Samson but you never hear how it all ends up. Samson is later betrayed by Delilah and is blinded, shorn and chained to two millstones. Samson then asks for God’s forgiveness and in one last moment of strength and with all his power, he pulls down the Temple of The Philistines and everyone in the temple is killed. This too will pass.

And Now The Jet Lag…

My mind usually awakens at exactly 5:30am without fail every morning. So without fail I awoke this morning at exactly 2:30am. I wasn’t just a little awake, I was bright eyed and ready to go. Toonce meowed out one of his barely audible meows as if to say, “Go back to sleep. You’re in here not there anymore.” It’s pretty pathetic when you turn on the television to keep you company but that’s what I exactly did. Toonce was asleep and didn’t want meow, he rolled over and put his paw over his eyes as if to say, “Go to sleep. Try to close your eyes.” This too will pass. 

I’m Completely Biased…

The Left Coast is The Best Coast! Just a few minutes ago I walked out of San Francisco International Airport and I was immediately hit in the face with cool damp fog… I’ll take fog off the Pacific Ocean any day. I was never so happy to feel the dampness on my face and I’ll never say another thing about the bone numbing chill of Bay Area weather in summer. Really, who wants to wake up to a humid day only know it will get hotter and more humid as the day progresses? 

I took the Sky Train to the BART Station and here I am speeding towards my final destination of 19th Street Station in Oakland. Then a quick walk thru fields of green grass to my work location where I left my car these past two weeks. Alright, there aren’t any fields of grass between the BART Station and my work location but it feels as if there is. Remember, I’ve been in Newark New Jersey. I never thought I would miss the damp coolness of San Francisco’s fog… This too will pass.

God I Love People

So the woman next to me boards as the doors are about close. She’s literally the last one on and she seems a bit dis-shuffled. The attendant nicely tells her that she’ll have to check thru her luggage. That makes her more upset and she starts to tell the two attendants that she flies Delta every week and she deserves more respect. 

She sits down next to me and under her voice she’s either telling herself of her airline loyalty or she was hoping I’d say something to her about her loyalty. I quietly said, “You do deserve more respect just based on your miles.” I didn’t know anything about her miles but it soothed her a bit. She replied, “Damn right.” I asked her why she barely got here time and if it was due to a late connecting flight… She replied, “No. I was in the Sky Club bar and I lost track of time. No one told me what time it was.” This too will pass.


I wish I had the endurance OJ Simpson had when he appeared in those Hertz Rental Car commercials. He would leap baggage carts and bench seats to get to his rental car. A little later in the day I will need to hurdle and run from gate D2 to G15. I’ve never been to The Minniapolis Saint Paul Airport but D gate doesn’t sound anywhere close to G gate… The Delta person at the gate just said, “Well it’s a valid connecting flight.” I’m not worried but I didn’t bring my track shoes. 

 The last time I flew into LAX we landed 45 minutes early but there was no gate available for us to debark and there we sat on the Tarmac. I thought the point of arriving early was to be able to get to the gate early. The nice agent then told me, “We have a 5:15 flight to SFO if you miss the one you’re on.” If I miss it…? This too will pass.

Spelling Bee 2015

Las night two incredibly bright teens tied for The Scripts National Spelling Bee Championship. I believe it’s the second year the contest ended in a draw but that doesn’t matter for Gokul Venkatachalaman and Vanya Shivashankar beat out the other contestants in National Harbor Maryland… I find it amazing that these two young people could spell some really complex words. I sorry but my brain works like this but I wonder if a kid in India with the name John Smith is going to participate in an Indian Spelling Bee? I doubt it and it’s for this reason I admire these two spelling King and Queen for winning. This too will pass.