I Guess I’m Blessed…

It was reported today that President Obama approved a law that would allow ‘so called’ managers to be paid for their overtime hours worked. Now the managers of fast food joints and big box stores will be paid for their hours worked. What a novel idea! To be paid for the hours you work!

So who would find this law unacceptable? You guessed it, The American Retail Organization and our buddies on The Right. How dare that man from Kenya, I mean The President of The United States of America want to put more money in some flunkies pocket. Did you know that when this law takes hold McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken will have to close up shop. 

I heard on NPR that fifty years ago over 60 percent of United States workers were entitled to overtime pay. Now only 6 percent are getting overtime pay. That’s pathetic and that’s why I am feeling blessed this morning, for while I am scheduled to work this coming Fourth of July, I’ll be making double time and a half plus my 10 percent night pay… This too will pass

Sharp Needles…

No one likes needles, even those individuals who adorn their bodies with tattoos live with the needle’s pain.   I barely got thru having my four word tattoo done on my arm. There were tears in my eyes that afternoon and maybe that’s why the words “This Too Will Pass” wasn’t “This Too Shall Pass.” I wouldn’t have made it thru that one extra ‘S’ and then I have a work buddy who has a dragon on his back.

I can understand needle pain when I comes to getting a tattoo but now my feet have been enduring sharp needle pain in them. The pain doesn’t emmenate in the joints but in the tissue parts of my paws.  


I Knew It…

Some how I knew it would be a big hassle to get my Mac Book looked at. I walked into the Santa Rosa Mall Apple Store to find the majority of the sales people standing around. I walked up to the first one and said, “Hi yeah, my screen won’t come on. Can someone look at” I didn’t get the word ‘it’ out before the smarmy salesperson said, “Do you have an appointment?” I replied, “I didn’t know I needed one?” “You do but I’ll point you over to that man over there with tattoos and the green IPad. You can make an appointment with him.” She said… 

There stood Steve, a man with more tattoos on his face than on his arms, “Ah Steve, they sent me to you. My computer scree” “Do you have an appointment?” “No. I didn’t know I” “Well we’re booked up for today. The next appointment on July 4th at 10:30am. Do you want it?” I replied, “That’s the closest? Yeah. I’m working that day and need to be in Oakland by” Steve was on to the next customer and turned away from me.

“I turned and walked past the smiling faces of the idle sales staff milling about. I heard one call out, “Have a nice day! Thanks for visiting us!” Someone once told me they wanted a regular laptop and not a Mac. Maybe now I see why. It isn’t the software it’s the people who run those stores. Now I wait at least a week to finish my scripts.  Oh well this too will pass.

Dinner With Gun Nuts…

Not wanting to go a long way to get something to eat, I pulled into that grease trap known as Henny Penny’s. I’ve written about this place before, it’s the diner where the staff is ultra-conservative and gun toters even if California isn’t a state where you can carry a gun. I took a menu from the menu holder and sat down at the counter when a guy, four seats down from me, called out to the waitress, “They want to get our guns again but they don’t have enough agents to get them from us. They won’t be able to. Hey Cindy, Did you get one yet?” 

The waitress was more concerned with trying to serve her customers when she replied, “I haven’t bought one yet. Hubby was laid off but when he’s working again I will.” I really dont know why I go there, I don’t belong in that place and nothing can kill my appetite as watching Bill O’Reilly yapping his jowls about how The Supreme Court is being influenced by Uber Left Wing Nuts and Obama wants to take our ability to defend ourselves away…

After hearing that crap I called out to the waitress, “I need a box.” There’s only so much one can take. Bill O’Reilly loves to get his troop excited and into a frenzy. O’Reilly also said that if those nine church goers in Charleston had been packing, then Dylann wouldn’t have been able to kill so many… Good Bill, blame the victim. I’ve got to remind myself to not eat there again. This too will pass.

Terminator 75…

Arnold Schwarenegger has come out of his retirement to make yet another one of his Terminator movies… This time he’s going to shoot his way out of tough situations, then he will probably jump into someone’s car and hijack it at gunpoint. His nemesis will also steal a car and chase him onto The Golden Gate Bridge. What do you want to bet explosions will happen and cars will tumble off the bridge roadway?

Here is the reality of accidents on the bridge; It took twenty years for The Golden Gate Bridge District to install a moveable lane divider on the span to prevent head-on accidents… Many have died over the years prior to the barrier being placed… The truth is, a single head-on accident would close the bridge for hours.

No accident on the bridge has caused a car to go over the side. I noticed in the movie trailer, that a school bus flips over and over to its destruction. Isn’t a school bus rolling over and over to its destruction entertaining? Before you spend your hard earned dollars making Arnold richer, think about what would happen if a school bus in your area flipped over and over and exploded in a fireball… This too will pass.

Loose Ends…

I had set a self imposed completion date of mid-August to finish my three screenplays. I haven’t had much time to work on my scripts due to me always working… Today was my first day off in weeks, so I took out my Mac Book Pro and turned it on. I was ready to get back into my stories and finally complete what I had started awhile back. I couldn’t believe it, the laptop was on yet the screen wouldn’t lighten up. 

Wonderful, now I need to go to The Apple Store and wait for my number to be called. A Snooty Apple salespeople will then make me feel “less than” followed by whipped out receipt by their handheld printer. Hopefully I don’t have to keep it there overnight or a week… I find it totally weird how one day the laptop was working just fine and the next it’s totally dead. This too will pass. 

Exchange Information???

The other day one of Google’s driverless cars had a near miss with another driverless car. Here are my questions to the California Highway Patrol and the inventors of these sorts of cars; let’s say you do have an accident, who do you exchange drivers information with? Think about it… It’s a driverless car and does that mean that only you would be required to provide drivers information? 

Here’s another question, let’s say you do have a fender bender with one of these cars and it’s the drivers fault, wait driverless’s fault. Does the driver(less) say, “I didn’t see you in my blind side?” I know these sound like stupid questions but you watch how liability will be shifted away from the driverless car to you but then again maybe a driverless car wouldn’t have done what happened to me yesterday.

I was heading southbound in The 80-580-880 Maze in my 5 ton truck when a driver in the far left lane decided to go three lanes over because he had missed his exit to southbound 880. He nearly caused a five car pile up on the connector. He had gone way past the broken white lines when he attempted to take the exit. Still after nearly causing a pile up, you could see he was completely focused on trying to get back to 880… This too will pass.

Napoleon Was A Writer…

Ed and I left the garage at around 11pm last night after getting stuck on our last job up in the Oakland Hills.  A cell tower had lost one of it’s lines and we were dispatched to restore it. As I headed out the steel roll up door, I yelled out, “See you Ed. See you Tuesday unless they pick me up tomorrow!” In some ways I hope they don’t, I’m tired and could use a couple of days off. 

I scanned thru the usual radio stations. The sports station guy was talking about some NBA draft pick. Boring. The news station was reporting on new rules the transit system police must follow when dealing with a transgender individual… Great but I’m not a transgender individual so it doesn’t apply to me. Finally I found my NPR radio station and settled in for an hour of hearing why men in a New Guinea smoke cigarettes two at a time. (Shhh. I made that up)

No, it was an author talking about Napoleon Bonaparte’s life and his love of writing. I was amazed that he wrote 24/7 and when I pulled into the gas station in San Rafael, I barely tore myself away. I left the door open and kept hearing about how 33,000 letters if his still exist and of how he wrote stories and plays. He was a man of letters and he spoke three languages: his native Corsican, Italian and French  but with a bad accent. My fifty minute drive north took a moment and as I pulled into my space, I actually could have sat there and listened to more of his life but I had a hungry cat to feed and Toonce’s incessant meows drowned out the radio, Okay not quite but they were loud. This too will pass.