Stinky and Scary

  Rob called me at 6:45 last night, “Hey. Want to watch my back for a few hours?” What could I say other than sure? It seems a copper thief decided he wanted steal the cable feeding our terminal in this miserable corner of a dark parking lot. 
This sad area is on the outskirts of downtown and it’s home to drug addicts and other unsavory homeless inhabitants. Late into the night we both replaced the cable and replaced the damaged terminal; all the while I’d be looking over my shoulder should a dark figure approach from behind us with a weapon.  

 Rob did the ground work splice while I did the aerial stuff high above. The copper thief must have had a ladder and a heavy duty pair of cable cutters to commit this crime. Just repairing the cable portion kept us out till 11pm and when all was said a done, the thief maybe made 2 dollars for the price of scrap copper is falling… This too will pass.

A Fire Workhorse

  Greg came up again to The Firewood Temple with a much smaller bulldozer to smooth out some of the piles of dirt he had made earlier with the D7. This John Deere dozer was also used on The Valley Fire front lines. Greg described how the wind wiped fire became a tornado of fire burning anything that got in it’s way… People, livestock and forest animals were incinerated instantly when they could not out run the flames. My heart goes out to those souls who died a such horrific death by fire. 

As the fire took on a life of its own, the hot wind sent burning embers of bark and leafs ahead of the fire at a thirty degree angle which in turn helped the firestorm keep going exponentially. The fire grew from 400 acres to 40,000 in twelve hours and it could not be stopped. The Butte Fire in The Sierras helped the fire grow because the firefighting forces were limited significantly.
Yesterday, The Press Democrat had an article about how tens of thousands were evacuated from the fire zone and still looters were able to sneak in and ransack vacated houses and businesses. Unbelievable! Greg said, “We saw a couple of them looking around our stuff. I swear like rats. You shoo them away and they come back.” This too will pass.

The Dawn’s Light Nears…

As soon as it gets light outside, I’ll make my way down the mountian and hopefully find a comfortable chair at Peets Coffee to while away an hour or so in; then it’s off to an exciting 8 hour day at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company. I always wonder what fun will be waiting for me at work? Over the last few weeks I’ve been going over my job skills in my brain. I’m actually lucky to have a job where I do so many different job functions.

I swear I’d go mad if I was a bricklayer or a dentist, the same thing everyday; no a splicing technician life suits me just fine because I don’t do one specific work function. One minute I’m up a poles stringing a wire across a busy street and the next minute I’m in a manhole doing something else. 

The best part of my job is the various people I interact with and it’s not just my fellow workers. The wide spectrum of customers makes this job fun. Over the years my customers have ranged from the heroin addicted hooker to a congressman from a wealthy heir to a man barely scratching out a living.  They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life! Well it’s time to get ready and go off to love… This too will pass.

She Rose Red…

I was reminded that I’ll be seventy-six the next time the moon rises red and who really knows whether I’ll be around to see it. At the rate I’m going I’ll be lucky if I make it that far, for the gym is far from The Firewood Temple and a diet of tacos and mango iced teas will most likely do anyone in. 

Those in the know say the next time a lunar eclipse happens it will be 18 years from now. If I remember anything of this lunar event it will be this; the incredible whiteness at the bottom of the moon as it passed out of the full ellipse. The moon was brilliant and looked as if someone was using an arch welder on the surface of cold hearted orb… 

Six hundred years ago my ancestors saw the night sun go red and figured it was time to appease the Gods by sacrificing a bunch of their prisoners. Four hundred years ago, witches were blamed for the moon turning red and were made to pay. Today, we know it’s caused by planetary alignment. I think The Moody Blues sang it the best, “Cold Hearted Orb. Red is yellow and gray is white. Only we know what is real and what is an illusion.” This too will pass.

When Real Power Kills…

President John F. Kennedy was whacked, you know it and I know it, but it wasn’t done by a minimum wage worker as they want you to believe. No, it was overseen by our soon to be dead patriarch George Bush Sr.. No, Georgie didn’t pull the trigger but he lined up the hit men who did. I was a six year old playing with my Legos and army men and I knew exactly where I was when President Kennedy died yet someone Georgie doesn’t remember where he was that fateful day… That doesn’t even make sense, does it?

The truth is, George Bush’s father Prescott Bush was a bag man for the Nazis by running the Union Bank. When J.Edgar Hoover came to Prescott to tell him that they were shutting his bank down, Prescott Bush said, “That’s my bank!” Hoover then said, “You’re a Nazi, you run a Nazi bank.” Imagine this,  our most honored Bush Family were Nazi supporters and so was Avirell Harriman (former Secretary of State) and he happened to be on the Board of Directors of Union Bank. Low and behold, E. Howard Hunt was known to both powerful men. 

E. Howard Hunt, the said real killer of President Kennedy, was employed by both powerful men, that’s interesting? No, George Bush Sr and Howard Hunt happened to be agents for the CIA and they were also said to be rogue agents who had their own agenda. I’m no conspiracy theorist but it makes sense. So when Grandpa Bush passes and Barbara Bush gets up and tells us what a wonderful man he was, remember Georgie wrote the tainted history of how President Kennedy was killed yet he could never quite remember where he was that day…. This too will pass… 

The Anti-Christ…

The Catholic Church finally has a Pope that truly walks in the shoes of Jesus, a man who is driven around in a black Fiat rather than a massive Pope Mobile. Finally they have a true Man of God who tells his followers to live with compassion for those less fortunate and a man that actually cares about Mother Earth and the sick and needy but guess what? Some of the zealots who read and understand the Bible think he’s the anti-Christ.

How dare he even think about taking from the rich and giving to the poor! He sounds like a communist to me. As he was traveling to New York, a reporter asked him, “Are you a communist?” Imagine a Pope who instead of going to an official state dinner would rather serve food at a soup kitchen. What kind of man is this?  He stopped wearing his official red shoes his predecessors have worn over the years and thus there is something truly wrong with him. I suppose The End is near for I’ve been told it’s stated in Revelations that there will be a Pope who will be the last Pope of the Catholic Church and I guess here he is.. This too will pass.

3:30am Sunday 

The ensemble of crickets called it a night at around midnight and Toonce is now laying next to me peacefully. His left ear got a pretty deep cut on it and I’ve been cleaning it with a paper towel dipped in Hydrogen Peroxide. It amazing how that stuff works on cat scratches and cat bites. I said to him, “Okay buddy, this is going to hurt me more than you!” I was right and he made sure of it.

Today is traditionally a day of rest for some but for others a day of extreme toil. The fall is simply beautiful in Sonoma and I’m not surprised why the tourists flock here. They come to enjoy the wine industry’s busiest time of the year. You can tell that The Crush is on full throttle; trucks of all sizes loaded with the harvest rolling down the roads to the wineries, yet the vines know their work is done for where the grapes have been picked, the leafs on the vines are turning yellow and red and soon will drop off. Tired vines know it’s time to go to sleep… This too will pass.

An Afternoon Delight…

Oh I’ve had the “other kind” but this isn’t a post about that stuff, no this is a post about doing something I’ve always wanted to do, operate a Cat D7. Now I can scratch, operating a D7 off my bucket list. Greg and his boss showed up at The Firewood Temple as promised with their big rig hauling a 60 foot trailer. On the flatbed was a yellow scorched bulldozer right off the fire lines of Lake and Sonoma Counties, and yes looked as if it had indeed been in a fire. They quickly unloaded the dozer and within minutes they were tearing up the soil.

Greg called to me, “Hey Juan. Hop up into the cab!” Eagerly and I mean eagerly, I jumped into the seat. I basically knew what the levers and foot pedals did but he needed to show me how to lift the blade and lower the single ripper in the rear of the unit. Let me say this, if you lower the ripper into the earth and put the gear lever into low forward, the dozer doesn’t slow down and single tooth claw can turn over a three foot deep trench with no problem.

When I was a teenager I wanted to operate one of those puppies and okay it took me forty-two some odd years to do it but now I can say I operated a D7. Now there are other massive dozers such as the D11T but I might put operating one of those on my next life’s wish list. For now I’m content doing what I did.. This too will pass.

On The Road To Nothing…

When my ex and I finally sold the house in Petaluma in 2005, I managed to give away my portion of the proceeds. In 2008 when my father left me his small estate, I gave that away too. Yes to the kids, mostly for their college needs and now today as I lay here in this RV I realize that I did it once again. I try to understand my fatal character fault that makes me do such a thing…

It was 14 months ago that I sold that nightmare of horrors house and received that check and now I look around me and say, “This is what you have. You better hunker down.” The overtime at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company has dried up completely and thus the 5000 dollar checks haven’t been coming in lately but over these last 14 months, I’ve spent and given like a drunken sailor…

What is to become of me, I’m staying at The Firewood Temple gratis but I know that could change should a falling out happen. Not that it would but if it does, I need to be ready to pull up stakes. Poor M retired too early and is in a tough position, I’ve been helping her too. Just because we aren’t living under the same roof doesn’t mean I abandon someone who cared about me when I had nothing. It’s called Bushido… This too will pass.

Firewood Asana Yoga

Rob called early this morning, “Hey! I’m on my way up. We need to move the pile of firewood so Greg’s D7 can get in there.” I knew that since I had split all the wood, I should help him. He showed up at around 7:45 and for the next four hours he made numerous trips up the hill to the firewood stacking area with the loader. 

I stayed at the bottom of the hill to help load the wood into the bucket. The good thing was, the wood had lost at least 50 percent of it’s moisture content and thus seemed much lighter than when it was cut and split. I’m totally spent when it comes to my energy level. Thank goodness he drove us down to work this afternoon. I guess I’m getting old or something.

Tomorrow, Greg is bringing his Cat D7 bulldozer to the property after being on The Valley Fire lines for the past 14 days. He’ll push some dirt around on a massive scale and this is all part of getting the area ready for the septic tank and drainage field placed… I’m sitting in this Peet’s Coffee hoping that time miraculously speeds up and soon it’s quiting time… This too will pass.