A Routine of Sorts…

   I got the call from the duty supervisor at exactly 12:32am asking me if I wanted  to do a mark and locate in Alamo California. We’ve been having a swarm of mild quakes in that area and the old water pipes are showing their ago… 

 By the time I drove back to Oakland picked up my truck and drove to Alamo it was 2:30 already and the water crew had already started to jackhammer the pavement. I looked at the cable maps on my IPad and ten seconds later I was done. Not bad for getting four hours of overtime! This too will pass…

President Trump?

I’m still waiting for The Donald to self implode and then blame The Media for his demise. What will be the moment that finally knocks him out off the race? Will it be while he’s addressing The United Nations and he says, “You broads in the front row..?” Or will it be when he says, “I’ve studied Mein Kampt. His policies were sound but he went too far?” 

Who in their right mind would vote for this narcissistic psychopath? Have you noticed how he proclaims his greatness in everything he does  yet when things mess up, he blames others, “I wasn’t kept informed.” Why is it that everything he says he will do is, “Huge!” If that isn’t the mark of a psychopath, I don’t know what is… 

Life isn’t a reality show and yet we have a population of intelligence challenged people willing to give this guy a ticket to The White House. You might be saying to yourself, “He hasn’t a chance of getting elected but the afore mentioned dictator got in with only thirty percent of the vote. If this guy gets in we are beyond screwed…. This too will pass.

A Squirrel Chew…

This is the handy work of squirrels. Well this is what it takes to fix a chew… 

 I actually love squirrels because they keep us employed. Some of our furry friends are very brave, many a time have I been boomed up too near their favorite branch and they have protested. This too will pass…

Black Water and Bliss.

In the world of RV living there are three types of waters: fresh water, gray water and finally disgusting black water. Trust me when I say this, gray water smells foul and I can’t even imagine the smell when it comes to the black water but this post isn’t about smelly water; this post is about living in bliss.

Every other Wedneday, a gentleman in a big white truck shows up and pumps out my waste tanks and for his services I hand him a check for 65 dollars. People say to me, “That’s a lot to charge for that!” My reply is, “What would you charge to do that?” Yesterday the man in the big white truck showed up and did his thing after he emptied Rob’s porta-potty. 

Cheerfully he brought around his hose and evacuated the contents and with a big smile asked me how my day was going. I asked him how his day was going and he said, “I love everyday of my life. Yo me gusto cada dia de mi vida!” You see this cheery man had come from a civil war torn country in Central America where everyday you might just disappear, never to be seen alive again.

Many years ago as a teenager I visited India. There are people of a certain caste that empty the toilets daily using wicker baskets and I remember them smiling too. As a child, I couldn’t understand how people could do such a job and still smile… It took me 40 years to get it, bliss comes from within. This too will pass.

Reason For Everything

I don’t know many dentists that would cheerfully work overtime to help a patient. Most others have other commitments to attend to but what happened yesterday was simply awesome. I staggered into John Ungren’s office and was met by his front desk person who remembered me after a four year absence. She had just had given birth the last time I saw her but this time I got to display pictures to my captured audience.

John Ungren has to be one of the most compassionate dentists I’ve ever come in contact with… He wheeled the ‘needle beast’ as if he was going to work on his own tooth. After the numbing agent had done its job, he and his assistant began to root out the infection. They worked like a team and within what seemed like minutes had taken care of business. 

No one enjoys going to the dentist but all the way back to The Firewood Temple I said to myself, “That’s why I trust John Ungren!” It was as if I was repeating a dentist mantra. Unfortunately there’s no chance anyone reading this would use the services of this incredible man but he deserves kudos for his work ethic and skills. This morning I woke up totally pain free and with a feeling that I was blessed to be a patient of his… This too will pass.

Toonce Booncie!

  Toonce knew I was feeling lousy today and rendered as much help as he could… It turns out my for lack of better words, my dog tooth’s nerve had died and infection had settled in. Let’s just say this, the fix won’t be fun nor cheap and tonight was round one.
Now I remember why I truly love John Ungren DDS. He cares and he was willing to work overtime to help me. He remembered how Matt had been in a psychiatric hospital in San Diego and he knew my suffering on that front. John loves his job and he shows it with every action he takes. As I was walking out the door I said, “You’re a good man John!” This too will pass.


This might be an exaggeration but the right side of my mouth feels as if it’s ready to crumble… I guess it comes with age or a spotty tooth brushing daily routine. I’m in pain and the soonest my dentist can see me is tomorrow at 5pm… I guess I should feel lucky I get a chance to see him. 

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company provides dental coverage but it only covers a portion of the cost. One of the teeth that hurts is my dog tooth and if it needs to be pulled, I’ll need to replace it at any cost. Have you ever had a toothache and you tell people of your pain and you hear, “Oh I’m sorry. I bet that hurts!” Yet psychically you know they are thinking, “That’s what you get. You should take better care of your teeth.” 

At this point, it a race between the pain in my mouth and the health of my liver. I’ve taken so many Tylenol that my liver is telling me, “Hey buddy, why don’t you just start drinking and kill us faster?” Yesterday I was taking handfuls of tablets and downing them with warm water… This too will pass.

Tomorrow It Rains…

The Bay Area will get a quarter inch of rain tomorrow and hopefully our four year drought will soon be over. Already the news media outlets are talking about possible floods and mud slides in the area. The recent wildfires in Napa, Sonoma and Lake counties have left the hills bare and if El Nino does its thing, flooding will happen for sure. No, the tiny bit of rain in the North Bay won’t solve this endless drought but maybe a few lawns will go green again and the hills will turn a bit green.

This might sound a bit cold hearted but we haven’t had any overtime in a while and I was stating to get used to those 6000 dollar take home checks. You see when it rains it pours, overtime.┬áMy fluorescent rain gear and rain boots are ready and the mechanic just put a new set of tires on our trucks. I’m ready for 12 and 16 hour days trying to keep water out of our splice cases and cables. I’ve been seeing that it’s raining everywhere else but here and now it has to be our turn. This too will pass.

Stillwater Oklahoma…

For some unknown reason, a twenty-five year old woman thought it would make sense to plow her car into a crowd of parade goers the other day. She ended up killing four and injuring many innocent people. At first the media said it was just another case of drunk driving but now it’s been revealed that she had been suffering from mental illness for quite some time.

You must know that Stillwater Oklahoma is part of The Bible Belt where the Word of Jesus is taught every Sunday yet from the sound bites on the radio, the people of that city want her to pay for her sins with a pound of flesh. I’m sure Jesus would have said, “Tie that bitch up to that post and flog her till her skin peals off her back”

Jesus was just one of those revengeful guys who believed in stoning people for their trespasses. When they were about to stone the woman of long ago, he took up the first stone and said, “This is the first one, you evil woman.” I guess the followers of Jesus are doing what their leader taught them? This too will pass. 

Now I Know Why…

Ernie G. has about twenty some odd years with The Company and still refuses to pull his 28 foot ladder off his truck to do a job. My first job out the door was to go and help him run a drop wire. Ernie specializes in repairing data lines in private homes, usually he has to deal with the high powered work from home radio talk host or eccentric stockbroker, which is no fun.

I pulled up to the house and found no Ernie. I called him, “Hey dude, where are you?” “Hi Juan, Can you start the drop. The customer knows we’re coming. I’m on my way.” I then manhandle my 28 footer off the truck and go about installing the new wire. An hour goes by and he pulls up just as I’m making the last attachment on the pole. “Sorry, I had to get gas.” He’s known for that stunt of calling for help and conveniently not being on site. I’m one of the few guys who’ll go and help him.

As I was collecting the old drop wire he came up to me and said, “You should have placed a five pair wire rather than a two pair wire…” Note to self, “Don’t help him.” This too will pass.