Today I was attacked by a territorial squirrel. Okay maybe I was invading his space but he was very brave. He was much closer but I couldn’t getmyphone out quick enough. This too will pass.

Mental Illness and Drugs…

  No one and I mean no one wants to see their son like this. I got the call this morning, “He was mugged and he’s at a Denny’s. Please get him to the Crisis Center.” I fed him McDonalds and we headed there and ride was quiet. The facility staff remembered him and ge was immediately taken and put under a protective hold… Thank God! This too will pass

Daniel Holtzclaw…

I had never heard of Officer Holtzclaw until this evening. He apparently was the police officer who used the power of his badge to abuse women. Most of these women were already dealing with their own demons and addictions but Officer Holtzclaw couldn’t have cared less. He figured, “Who’s going to believe an addict or a prostitute.” I find it interesting that as the judge read off the jury’s verdicts of guilty, there was no smerk or smile on his face, no he was crying like a baby…

He was convicted on 18 charges of which one alone would be enough  to send him to prison for long time. I suppose Mr. Holtzclaw believed moral laws and doing the right thing didn’t apply to him. Who really knows how many women he had his way with? I bet he lost count and for him they were items to be used…

The principle of cause and effect and karma did it’s job… What an incredibly hard way to learn a life lesson… This too will pass

How Time Heals…

It was right about this time eight years ago that I walked into my father’s room and found him stone cold dead. He had sat up in bed but in doing so breathed his last. His heart had just given out. He was ninety and it was his time; I walked up to his body and said, “You’re not here anymore. Hopefully we don’t pair up again but we unfortunately will.”

The day he died I didn’t shed a tear for him nor anytime there after. He was a hard as nails and a man who hated his only son. What was it he said to me on this death bed? “I wanted a better son but I got you!” When I had told him I had been raped by the priests in high school and as a child he said, “You liked it. You are nothing but a homosexual!” When I got divorced and had no money, he said, “I told you to fight her!” Yet he never once offered to help me get a lawyer, it wasn’t his problem. 

So on December 8th, as they were wheeling him out of his room, I was on the phone ordering a couple 30 yard debris boxes. The next day I began clearing out his prized possessions from his house. Even Chris, my devil’s advocate and his best supporter said, “Get rid of that stuff. It’s junk!” I’ll admit it, it was the most cathartic things I ever did in my life. 

A few months after his passing, I had a dream about him. He said, “I’m here.” I replied, “You’re dead and you need to move on.” He replied, “I am aren’t I.” That was it for Carlos Guerra, the smiling man who was loved by all. I still go into the bank and the tellers say, “He was such a nice man. He’d bring us flowers from his garden.” I smile and say, “Yes he was to those he liked.” The other day, I began the process of moving to another bank… This too will pass.

(I found this one in my draft bin)

Same Old.

It’s January 1st tomorrow and nothing at all will have changed, sure new laws will kick in but other than that nothing. You have no idea how many January 1st’s have come and gone and I’ve thought, “It’s another day with less traffic.” I really don’t know what I thought what would happen on the magical 1st? Would I get a call, “Mr. Guerra. Your life has changed. Your cat, Mr. Tooncie,  has qualified for a Black American Express card!” 

Okay, I’ll make some predictions and mark my word, they will happen to you; while writing a check, you will put 2015 and scratch it out at least once. I know that was stunning but this next one will knock your socks off. You will go to the bank and find it closed. You’ll say to yourself, “Oh that’s right. It’s the 1st!” My final prediction would have astounded Edgar Cayce. You’ll go to the mailbox and say, “It’s The 1st!”

January 2nd will follow in a short 24 hours after midnight tonight and before long, you’ll be saying, “Where did the year go? It’s almost December!” Well I hope everyone has a happy and joyful coming year. This too will pass

It’s Cold Enough…

After two jobs in the cold damp weather, I needed to warm up. I could have just at in my truck but my toes felt as if they had frost bite. It’s in the low forties and it feels as if it could actually snow on the upper elevations around the bay… The whole area is covered with a weird gray cloud and it’s misting. What happened to our 70 degree winters?

I bopped my hand on my first job and it stung, it’s true what they say about wearing gloves in the cold. I guess I should actually start thinking about buying a warm pair of socks and a wool hat. These last few days have had me wondering if Toonce is okay. Maybe he needs a cat coat? 

You know it’s cold when the public works department of Sonoma  had to go out and buy some “Icy” road signs. Today’s weather is probably normal everywhere else but maybe this is the new normal here… It’s 3 in the afternoon and this Starbucks is packed with people trying to stay warm. I’ve never seen it so busy at this time of day. This too will pass.

His Incessant Meowing

Toonce met me at the usual spot last night and meowed his greetings. As we walked down the road I asked, “How was your day Mr. Toonce. I bet you’re hungry! Here jump in.” That’s when I realized that we were out of cat yums! I immediately thought, “Oh no! Okay let’s see what I can muster up for you big guy.” Thankfully I had one lone can of Fancy Feast tucked away. I popped it open and plopped it into a clean paper bowl. “Slow down Tooncie and enjoy it. I can’t get anymore till tomorrow morning.” He didn’t listen.

Mr. Toonce woke me up at 3:30 this morning with a meow of, “Safeway is open! You said you’d go first thing in the morning!” I replied, “It opens at six. You’ll have to wait. I’ll go in a bit.” He kept meowing his hunger till I got up at 4:45 and threw on my clothes. “Ok I’m going. Hang on.” I drove down the hill over the icy patches, the car thermometer read 29 but a breeze made it feel colder. I make it to Safeway and sure enough they’re closed till 6 and here I am waiting… Moral of this story, don’t run out of yums… This too will pass.

I’m Not Psychic…

Isn’t it interesting that in one’s own personal life, you never know what what will happen an hour from now but worldwide events are easily predictable. You don’t need special powers to see into the future. Here are a few things that I’m quite sure will be in the news over the next 365 days. A massive earthquake will hit an area where people already are barely getting by. Many will die and the usual flock of news reporters will descend on the area until something else draws their attention away.

Secondly, I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of deranged gunmen running amok and I wouldn’t be surprised if after the tragedy, the police find the shooters “manifesto” (that’s the new buzz word, manifesto). It will say he was driven by hate. Wait, I forgot to mention the usual bunch of international terrorists with their acts of hate. The news outlets will show us endless loops of the bad guys training in some dusty land far away. 

I foresee a lot of misery and death being reported out in the news this coming year. I forgot to mention the numerous play crashes which will occur and without fail and The Media will show endless loops of the wreckage. By now everyone knows what plane wreckage looks like but ask yourself, “Why do they insist on showing it?” It’s all about ratings… This coming year, I’m turning of the news, that’s my resolution. This too will pass.

Into Madness…

It’s been unusually cold at night here in Sonoma, Toonce doesn’t take his time when he goes out to do his business. A few minutes after being let out, there he is scratching on the door and that’s my signal to get up and let him in. Tonight was no different, a few miles to the west Matt is in all likelihood living under an overpass or doorway. 

The other day, I got the call from his mom saying that she went to the Motel 6 to extend his days and the management refused to accept him as a guest any longer, in fact they too wanted him off the premises. They said yelling coming from his room was scaring the other guests.” I had put him up there under my name, so I guess I won’t be allowed back there any time soon.

After days of not hearing from him, I contacted him lay night and asked him what happened… He played it off as, “I woke up angry and I don’t need to stay there anymore.” I told him, “Well I don’t what say or do with you. You need to get on the right medicine and get help because quite frankly your mother and I won’t be able to help you much longer.” That was met by a reply of, “Is Toonce staying warm in your RV?” This too will pass.