An The Oscar Goes To…

So the movie Spotlight won for best picture of 2015. If I wanted to see a movie about abusive priests molesting children, I’d just close my eyes and think about my childhood. Being that I’m approaching 59, I figure those who raped me are dead or near death. I wonder if any of them on their death bed prayed and hoped that the thing about asking God for forgiveness prior to death would clean their slate?

I’m sure they blamed their acts on a variety of causes. I find it interesting that some of those priests who sodomized their wards when standing before the judge begged for leniency. I saw one guy cry like a baby and yet what could he say, “Your Honor, I’ve turned my life around and entered the clergy.” 

I’m glad people are seeing movies that bring light to this nasty subject. I wonder if they ever have made a movie about a man who as a child was abused and then lives his life totally messed up. He has a miserable sex life and sabotages any and all relationships he finds himself in. He sells his house and finds himself living in a forest cutting firewood… Good story line? This too will pass

The Art of Firewood Stacking…

  Since the rain has seemed to have stopped for the winter, I’ve been out there everyday stacking firewood onto pallets. Mornings are peaceful and the perfect time to do my yoga. I view firewood gathering as a form of yoga even though it’s much more physical, it still quiets the mind. There is nothing more peaceful than working silently in the forest with a sleeping cat on a boulder keeping you company.

The stacking of wood asana is a much more peaceful portion than the cutting and splitting asanas. It requires what I call Lego skill. The goal is to build a cube four feet high using random pieces of wood interlocked together. One by one they form a self supporting block. The final asana of the morning is to wrap the wood in plastic wrap to ensure it doesn’t collapse under its weigh. At the end of the morning’s workout I hit the shower, rest and head to work. Peace be unto us all. This too will pass.

He’s At It Again…

I got the call again, “Hey dad. Can you get me a hotel room?” Matt must be once again in a manic phase because the Motel 6 management asked him to leave or should I say, told him to leave. Unless he gets on his medicine, he’ll land up at Sharp Mesa Psychiatric Hospital where they will dose him to the max. That’s the hospital I found him at three years a zombified mess of a man. Supposedly he’s going to be in a sober living house starting on Tuesday but if he continues to make trouble, the San Diego Police will be putting him up where he can have three hots and a cot.

This afternoon was so peaceful and quiet, the only excitement I had was pulling a tick off of  Toonce. What a good cat! He didn’t struggle or claw me and I sensed he knew why I was doing what I was doing. Back to the Matthew situation, it’s a total disaster but I now understand what mothers love is, she always answers his calls for help, I can’t say the same.  It took all these years to see the goodness in Roberta. This too will pass.


Madness… Madness…

Just imagine Donald Trump President of The United States… Have the people of this country gone mad? Trump loves to tell us how great he’s with finances but isn’t he the same guy who’s filed for bankruptcy multiple times?That alone should be a red flag. His business endeavors haven’t panned out well. Whatever happened to Trump University or Trump Airlines?

He’s a false prophet and he’s about to lead this country into disaster of epic proportions. I attempted to find the book, according to his then wife Ivana, he kept on his night stand in the 80’s. It’s out of print for obvious reasons, the German corporal with the weird mustache isn’t very popular now-a-days but evidently Mr. Trump found his speeches a great source of inspiration. Some people keep a Bible by their bed, not Trump… 

I’m not just troubled by Mr. Trump, I’m worried about his simple minded followers who appear to be willing to do anything he asks of them. Many a protester has been beaten by his rally thugs and I say beaten not escorted out of his meetings. What would his followers be willing to do? Let’s say the eviction of 12,000,000 illegal aliens does happen, who will be hired to round them up for “deportation”? 

The squads of deporters won’t be wearing brown shirts or jack boots but they will need to be a uniform; maybe a light beige shirt with Khaki pants from Old Navy. A late night talk host said this, “If Trump is elected, The Canadians have said they will have to build a wall to keep those Americans trying to excape the U.S from coming in.”  It might have been a joke or was it a prophecy…? This too will pass 

Only In Oakland

  I’ve been known to let my pants drop a little but this guy ahead of me had his pants at his knees. There’s an unspoken code in the hood about wearing your pants down to your knees but no one has told me the code.
I’m by myself tonight on the job, with Ed off because of a suspension due to an at fault motor vehicle accident in his truck and Rob and Bill off, here I am. I’m not killing myself by working too hard. I stacked a bunch of firewood this morning and I wore myself out. Tomorrow, more firewood yoga… This too will pass.

Watch spartan life coach explain in 1 min 35 secs “What is CPTSD? Simple, Fast Explanation” on YouTube

Cptsd differs from ptsd. Crystal Empath..Posted from WordPress

Source: Watch spartan life coach explain in 1 min 35 secs “What is CPTSD? Simple, Fast Explanation” on YouTube

After years of thinking I was just fine, I now realize I was traumatized by watching that man burn to death on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. It still affects me overtime I cross the bridge on the lower deck, not so much the upper deck. I didn’t understand how scarred I was by incident and I don’t even remember talking about the accident when I got back to work on Monday. This too will pass.

The Media Thinks We Are All Morons…

I heard this breaking news item on the radio yesterday, “Researchers  have discovered a bird which kills snakes by stomping on them rather than using their beaks, It is called the secretary bird and it lives in Africa. The bird can kill a poisonous snake with just a few kicks.” Here’s my question to the newsroom writers, “If it’s called the secretary bird then it has already been named thus how can it just have been discovered?” 

Speaking of bird brains, the other night, another Republican Debate was held. A squawking match erupted but not over policies, the candidates began pecking each other and you know it’s bad when Senator Lindsey Graham later said,  “My Republican Party has gone bat crazy.” There were many parrots in the audience screaming out comments and whistling.

This story about the killer bird of Africa was more than a usual filler story, it was a test to see if the listeners have been lulled to sleep enough. Think about this, the Secretary Bird has been living in the desert for at least since time was recorded. For the news people to say it was just discovered doesn’t make sense. If this was the 17th Century when Africa hadn’t been fully explored, I’d say the bird discovery was incredible but this is the 21st Century… This too will pass

Flying High In April…

My world is out of control, well it’s not that bad but times aren’t great. I received disheartening news which a couple of years ago would have sent me reeling but today I look back on it and say, “Oh well. You did the best you could for her. She’s an alcoholic and alcoholics fall off the wagon, that’s what they do.” That chapter is closed…

On the Matthew Front, hopefully he’s going to get into a treatment house on Tuesday but I’ll believe it when I hear he’s in a bed there. As of now, I think he thinks this is some sort of paid vacation he’s on. He called me at 10:30pm telling me to get him another motel room. I asked him why he was calling so late in the night and he gave me some discombobulated excuse along with screaming and telling me I was a bad person.   

The one ray of light is, on March 4th at 11:15, I intend on being on Delta flight 2521 heading to see Hunter and family. Hopefully there won’t be a massive snow storm during my stay there. I’ll head back to the West Coast on the 10th and as I’m heading back, I’ll already be thinking about when I can fly back to New Jersey. Come to think of it, life is good. This too will pass.

Creative Thinking…

 Yesterday’s meow-fest might have been something more than just a few felines roaring out to the world. Maybe just maybe, the ocelots and civets were warning Toonce that a mountain lion or bobcat was in the area and to hide when possible.

This morning I came up upon a single paw print and saw that some sort of big cat had passed thru here. Tonight I’m leaving Toonce in the RV until I get home and once home, I’m going to leave the outside light on. The ocelots and civet buddies of Mr. Toonce must have sensed an intruder and wanted to warn the mountain lion that even though they are caged, this is still their area… This too will pass