Don’t You Want A Venti?!

With time to kill last night before heading back to the garage, I stopped by a Starbucks for a warm drink. Knowing I had a free drink coming to me,I told the counter person, “I’ll have a grande mocha.” Without letting finish the word mocha the woman replied, “Don’t you want a Venti? I mean it’s free?!” I replied, “No, just a grande thanks.” She looked puzzled but went about writing my name on the cup and slid it down to the barista.

Now I must admit, this Starbucks is on the edge of the ghetto portion of West Oakland where poverty is rampant and everyone tries to get the most they can for their few dollars. It should be noted that, that area alone has three different low priced stores where everything is priced less than a dollar. 

At first when the counter person said, “Don’t you want a Venti?” I thought to myself, “You’ve never asked for a venti mocha in your life. That’s too much.” Then I realized, “Ahhh. It’s the neighborhood you’re in.” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not singling out any race of people, all I’m saying is, people want to get the most they can when it comes to getting something for free. This too will pass

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