Narcos and Chris Christie…

When we aren’t out and about, Chris and I are back at the apartment watching episodes of Netflix’s Narcos. It’s a story about the rise and fall of drug lord Pablo Escobar. That sociopath of a man was able to get to such heights by selling his white powdered misery and buying corrupt politians, police and soldiers. His life ended in a hail of bullets running like a rat but here’s my point; Mr. Escobar’s ego had him feeling he was so untouchable and beyond reproach that he would for office in Columbia. 

Then we have Governor Christie, another lord of sorts, he too thinks he is unbeatable and unstoppable. I’m sure this man thinks he’s the cat’s meow and is adored by his people but even the worst of leaders kept his trains on time and roads free of potholes, not Chris Christie, he can’t even do that. The potholed highways and turnpikes stand testament to his graft and corruption. 

Yesterday as we were driving down the New Jersey Pothole, I heard how Governor Christie had literally abandoned his state job to help get Trump elected… The people of this state are fed up with this guy and his approval ratings are at 30%. Power corrupts and Christie is beyond corrupt. What happened a few years ago when he or his assistant ordered a couple major access bridges closed because of some political chicanery and this sociopath wanted to be President of The United States… This too will pass.

I’m off to see my big boy. I’m taking Eleina and Huntet to the Central Park Zoo! 

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