A Few Minutes To Write…

  Once again I’m at a diner. There are no shortages of these old fashioned diners in this part of the world. This is Top Diner and of the three diners I’ve visited, this is the best. The food is great and so is the service. I just asked the waitress what town am I in and she said, “Technicially this is East Newark but it’s Harrison.”
  All I know is Top Diner is on the other side of a rusty old draw bridge over the Passaic River. Top Diner isn’t open all night as are the other two I’ve been to but it looks like a very industrial area and dangerous at night. I asked the friendly waitress, “What was in that massive building across the street?” It was a clothing manufacturing place long shut down.” 

This area isn’t officially the rust belt but it sure is rusting. The abandoned buildings add to the urban decay of this area yet there is hope, some of these behemoths are being reincarnated into lofts and work spaces. Newark is somewhat like Calcutta India, except for the fact that in Newark, the old brick manufacturing plants are shut down and unemployment rates here is high… Goodbye middle class. This too will pass

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