Thanks For Flying SFO

The voice came over, “Ah folks, we gained some time and we arrived here in San Francisco thirty minutes ahead of schedule. The local time is 7:05pm and thank you for flying Delta. We’ll be pulling up to the gate as soon as the plane at our gate pulls back.” So we sat on the Tarmac for forty minutes… 

If you sit in seat 19a on a 757, you can be out before the first class passengers get a chance to exit and that’s exactly what I did. Up the gangway I went with glee saying, “Woohoo! I was the first off!” I got to the baggage carousel and without fail, my bags were the last two bags to flop down. I pulled the two soaked duffle bags off the carousel and made my way for the long term parking bus.

The bus was empty except for a woman’s voice saying, “This is the long term parking bus. Welcome to SFO.” After 7 bus stops the driver called out to me, “This is my last stop. Don’t you know where your car is?” I answered him, “You don’t go to that massive parking building over there?” He replied, “You should have taken a number 2 bus.” “How would I had known that?” I replied. I gathered my bags and headed for the parking structure in the pouring warm rain.

Through row after row I trudged till I got to the ten level super structure but in haste ten days ago, I forgot to notice what floor I was parked on. “Was I on crimson red or fire truck red level?” I got on the elevator and got off at the sixth level and made my way down. It turns out I was on the third level… I started my little tank and got to the automatic exit machine when the voice said, “We hope you enjoyed your stay and hope to see you again at SFO!” This too will pass

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