In Exactly 6 Months…

On April 13 2016, I will have worked for The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company for 35 years. In those 35 years, how things have changed; there are no more operators and no one uses those old phones that weigh 15 pounds with that flashing red hold button anymore. Long gone are pay phones and soon to be gone are fax machines, alarm circuits and plain old telephone service. 

No one ever said management at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company cared about their employees but now it’s even worst; we employees are just two letters followed by four digits, if XX1234 can’t do the job then AA4321 will take over. Prior to heading back to see Hunter last Wednesday, we got news that Ed’s father had passed away suddenly. My crewmates asked management if they could attend the services and they were told, “Sorry but our customers don’t care.”

Twenty-five years ago, one of our coworkers was killed off the job and days later a procession of 50 phone trucks was seen winding its way to the cemetery. I’ll always remember that, just the uniformity of the vehicles was spectacular. Today, if five employees were gunned down on the job, we’d be lucky to even say goodbye to our fallen friends without being docked pay. It’s all about making CEO Randell Stevenson and the shareholders that much more richer. 

Today customers complain that they are not getting the speeds they are paying for but what they don’t know or fail to remember is the fine print. Somewhere on their bill are these three words, “Speeds up to.” I’ve had enough and T.W.L.T.C will do just fine without me. Today I will go in and do what I do hoping I make it to September 7th when I turn 59 and a half and I can touch my pension. This too will pass

7 thoughts on “In Exactly 6 Months…

  1. So sad that line “our customers don’t care”… 😦
    I work for a rather large company too, well large in this area of the world, they have many, many thousands of employees. But the department where I work is just a small group of people. And when my grandmother died, they sent me flowers to my home, and gave me the day off without reduction on my salary…. it is very different how companies treat their employees…. but I agree, times are tougher, and there is a lot less caring out there, today, compared to earlier. Money talks.. 😦 I am so glad you get to retire soon and can spend time with your grandchild!! 🙂


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