It’s Time To Move…

When I left I knew there was a tiny leak in the front end of the RV, today this place has a wading pool in the front end. Thank goodness I poured can after can of dissicant in the affected area otherwise the wading pool would have turned into a Olympic pool. The dissicant actually did its job quite well. The roaring creek below testifies to the amount of rain we’ve gotten while I’ve been gone. 

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to pick up Mr. Toonce from his vacation resort (the vet). Hopefully it will stop raining tonight and things start to dry out a bit. I don’t want Toonce to be stuck in this vehicle while I’m at work. I’m sure his ocelot and civit friends up the road are meowing for him. I think it’s time to move on and of course, he’s coming with me this time… This too will pass

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