No More Debt…

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but how great would it be if you went to call your credit card company and found that there had been a massive data hack on the world’s data systems and all your debt had been forgiven. You would be lying if you told me you wouldn’t jump up and scream, “Thank you Jesus!” 

This country is build on regular people, being indentured servants to the bankers and there will never be a payoff date. The other day, I was buying something minor at Home Depot and the cashier said, “Would you like to use your Home Depot card for this purchase?” I replied, “No thanks. It took me years to pay down a box of nails I bought…” She said, “I know what you mean. We can get fired for not asking.” 

I once had Chase Bank’s Freedom Card and I’ll tell you, there was no hint of freedom with that in my wallet. I can just see a bank advertising executive pitching the card to CEO Jamie Dimond, “We’ll call it The Freedom Card. We’ll tell them it frees you. Miss a payment and we’ll still send their interest rate up to 29.99 percent and they’ll never pay it off.” What’s in your wallet? This too will pass

3 thoughts on “No More Debt…

    • Exactly… Is your country besieged with credit card usage…do you have multiple cards? I have one. Do you have ads for checking your credit scores? It’s all a fake… So many questions…


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