Yesterday When I Young…

I’ve always liked Roy Clark’s version of Yesterday, When I Was Young. As I get older, I can relate to him looking back on his wild life and thinking how foolish he once was. I guess we all can look back and say, “Wow I can’t believe I did that! How stupid of me.” Lately, I too have been looking back and to tell you the truth, I can’t even remember farther than twenty years.

I find it funny when someone thirty-six years old says, “They don’t know if they ever will find someone to love them.” My advice would be to not to worry, you have the whole world ahead of them. Roy Clark speaks of how in our youth, all our conversations were centered around him and nothing else at all. If that isn’t true, I don’t know what is…

In eleven years, I’ll hit the seventy year mark and people will feel obligated give up their seat for me on the bus. They will look at me and in their mind they’ll think, “I better do it. He’s old and worn out.” There was a time I was totally handsome but I never saw it in myself… Now I look in the mirror and see that I once was, when I was young. This too will pass

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