An Unexpected Guest…

In my previous post I told you about the three foot thick tree that landed on our cable and then smashed into the house the other day during a wind storm. As I was booming down a little old lady came up to me and said, “Are you with the City of Oakland?” I replied, “I’m sorry no. I’m with the phone company. Was this your house?” The distrought woman replied, “Yes. I was just finished having my dinner when I heard a snap and the house shook. I thought it was an earthquake.” 

It turns out the grandma had lived in that house for 55 years and now the City of Oakland has red tagged the building and it will need to be torn down. The insurance adjuster had just left and given her a check for 25,000 dollars to find a hotel for a year. It actually made me have a tear in my eye when she said, “I’m 88 years old and I won’t live long enough to see it rebuilt. I have cancer.” This too will pass

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