And Here We Are…

It was a perfect day to back my RV out and go to find a gas station that sells the RV’s life blood, propane. I battened down the hatches and stored all the stuff which could fall and got into the drivers seat. I called out to Toonce, “Where are the keys?” He didn’t know or care after his drivers license was revoked after his last at fault accident he had…

The last time I saw those keys was in that hotel room in Newark. No! I think I placed them in my lap top bag as I passed thru the TSA checkpoint heading to Newark. The truth is, I really don’t know where they went. So now with the RV’s propane tank near empty, I must now limit my bathing…

Between when I last wrote the above paragraph and now, three minutes at the most, I found them. The rascal key thieves hadn’t broken in and took them. No, I found them in a pair of jeans I was about to throw into the industrial washer. Maybe tomorrow before work I can get my propane prior to work? This too will pass

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