Grandpa Munster…

Anyone who follows my blog knows I can’t stand Donald Trump but his opponent Ted Cruz really freaks me out beyond belief. There’s just something creepy about Ted and don’t tell me he doesn’t sound like one of those late night television preachers asking to help them buy a new G4 jet…

Mr. Cruz touts his religious beliefs yet somehow he’s had a few affairs, that doesn’t sound good? I really don’t care if he did stray, I strayed, but please don’t come off as you’re holier than thou. Humans make mistakes but Mr. Cruz seems to want to be this country’s moral compass… Oh things are going to get weirder in the coming months and I’m sure both Ted and Donald will throw a few underhand punches… This too will pass

8 thoughts on “Grandpa Munster…

      • I’m not kidding when I say that just the thought of those people having ANY power over ANYONE or ANYTHING is truly terrifying. I feel as if we’re caught in a bad Science Fiction move and can’t get out. Seriously, insanity has moved in and is building a nest. Hugs to Toonce, sweet kitty that he is.

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  1. I do not approve of judging peoples personal past, so I don’t really care if people had affairs. JFK, MLK, Jr and many wonderful leaders fell off their box that held them above others. Behavior in life is not as important as how you help others and lead others. Pres. Clinton is still my favorite president and I love to death, President Jimmy Carter. Both, for two opposite reasons. J.Carter is a fine gentleman and has made progress in Peace. Clinton kept our lives in a positive position in finances and housing market. If his wife is okay with what happened, I am too. FDR was unfaithful to a woman I admire very much, Eleanor Roosevelt. . . Just saying, dislike Cruz which I do, but put the blame on something else!

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