Lock Them Up…

Tell me Donald Trump has finally shot himself in the foot. The other night tv journalist Chris Matthews asked Mr. Trump, “If abortion was illegal, would you jail women for having an abortion?” Paying to his uber conservative townhall crowd, he replied, “If it’s illegal then yes. They need to know there are penalties.” 

I guess if you have man parts, you’re exempt from certain laws and well boys will be boys… Please… I guess it’s the water or the moon which gets women pregnant… Here’s what gets me, Trump’s women supporters still get behind this ass clown. God have mercy on us if he gets elected… This too will pass

10 thoughts on “Lock Them Up…

  1. What you say is true but with these rabid Trumpers and Trumpettes I doubt he could do anything to turn them off, Cruz supposes that the Dr. should be punished…a round about way of punishing women whose recourse will be to die in a back alley seeking out the procedure, a return to the days of old, I hate to break it to the witch hunters but there will be abortion, as repugnant as the idea is, there will be instances (rape, incest) when it will be.
    Hold your tomatoes folks, you know it is so.

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  2. Making abortion illegal AGAIN is a way of punishing women for having sex. It’s their fault if they get pregnant and the punishment, even for rape and incest is to be FORCED to carry a fetus to term. Yes, women always have had abortions and they always will but if you are one of those who want women to die, they they will vote to make abortion illegal. That would be the icing on the cake for the haters. Of course, if you have enough money you can always safely get what you want, even if you voted against it. The thing is not to be found out and if you are, throw yourself on the mercy of people who refuse to see the hypocrisy in the system. Another thing is the fact that those who are against abortion DON’T HAVE TO HAVE ONE, they just want to stop people from doing something they don’t think they should do because of their own beliefs or prejudices. Again, people who are against choice use the clinics and have abortions when reality slaps THEM in the face.

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