On Strike.. Shut Them Down…

Next Sunday, The Communications Workers of America in all probability will hit the picket line against The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company Workers. The bad thing for us will be, few if anyone will even notice it for technology and foreign call centers will make our work stoppage pointless.  

So when your TV ceases to get channel 693, the knitting channel, your call will go to a young man in Mumbai by the name of Steve Gupta. He’ll tell you that your trouble will be fixed shortly and you are a very valuable customer of The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company; he won’t mean it but if he doesn’t say it, he’ll be shorted a few rupees next paycheck. 

Hopefully the managers will be forced to work long hours trying to do our difficult job. Maybe they’ll see what it’s like to do the kind of work we do everyday. At the end of the strike, we will be a couple of paychecks short and the managers will be upset because they didn’t get any overtime. The funny thing is, a few weeks following the strike, we’ll be working mandatory overtime to catch up. This too will pass 

3 thoughts on “On Strike.. Shut Them Down…

  1. “The knitting channel”!!! 😀
    On a more serious note, I am sorry it looks like there will be a strike… but isn’t it possible the company could give in and get the workers some better conditions/better payment, or whatever the strike is for… You know, I come from a kind of left wing background so I think it is great that you can start a strike and show the big shot capitalists the value of your work.. >:)

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