John Kasich….

Mr. Kasich must have thought he was in an episode of Twilight Zone when after winning his home state of Ohio he said, “Women came out of their kitchens and voted for me!” He must have thought he was back in the early fifties when his mother wore her flowered apron and she waited for her hard working man to come home. It was a much simpler time when children and wives were meant to be seen not heard.

Mr. Kasich and his fellow Republican candidates want to bring this country back to the good old days when old men ran the place and women had little to no rights. I know Hillary Clinton isn’t great and Bernie might scare you but those three on the other side of the aisle really scare me. If any of those three clowns get in, women will be told what they can or can’t do with their bodies and they will be told, “Quiet please, men talking!” This too will pass

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