A Matt Update…

How time has flown by, it was just a little awhile ago that I sent Matt down to San Diego. Evidentially he’s doing quite well and he might be able to live a life rather than exist. He has settled into the duel diagnosis house and he’s doing well…

 If you’ve kept up with these posts, it was just a couple of months ago that things looked pretty hopeless and I thought I had completely lost him, so when I broke down yesterday and phoned him, I heard a sense of peace in his voice. I’ve prayed on my knees for him to recover and I can only pray he remains on the path to health… This too will pass

10 thoughts on “A Matt Update…

  1. Sounds as though he has a good place to live and that is so important for stability as he gets better. Hang in there Juan – you have much more than most to deal with in life. Respect!


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