I happened to pass thru the company door where the mailman usually shoves the wad of junk mail thru the undersized slot in the door. The mail mostly consists of offers for telecommunications classes by for profit schools and debt collectors attempting to find a guy who hasn’t worked out of the garage in 15 years… 

I looked down and saw my name on the envelope and said, “Who wants me… Do I owe someone money?” I ripped open the end and found a letter from The CEO of The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company. It read, “Juan… On behalf of the board of directors, I thank you for being a valued employee.” It went onto say how things in the industry have and will change but I have kept up with the changes…

Evidentially he didn’t read my last appraisal because I am a tired dinosaur who doesn’t understand what drives a packet of information down the Internet super highway… He said, “My 35th year was special and hoped for my continued success… The signature was stamped but I didn’t expect anything more… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Congradulations…

  1. Well in a big company like that (and like the one I was in) it has become depersonalized. I remember the days when it felt like a family. Gone are those days but congratulations on your 35 years. You beat me by 5.

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