Papa Juan…

We piled into the rental and headed up The I-5 to see Eleina’s great grandma northeast of Redding California. This area is so desolate that there is no cell phone coverage, none what so ever. It was truly a wonderful day and Hunter got to see a herd of deer going about their lives… 

The little town of Big Bend is on the Pit River which empties out into Shasta Lake. We stood on the bank of the river and saw hundreds of trout going by. Hunter giggled and pointed at the fish. Well enough for now. Did I mention I love being a grandfather? This too will pass 

This Is Where I Came In…

In a cost cutting measure today, I got rid of the WP premium no commercials thing. I think in a few days you’ll start to see ads for dog food or male enhancement pills on my blog. Here’s the thing, I knew in the back of my mind that if I sold that house, I’d blow all the money I got from it and guess what..? So now I’m trying to cut my costs, no more laundry service and my days of giving money away are near the end. Do you know what I find funny? When you’re giving it away, they love you but when you don’t have it to give, well you are cheap and they never quite remember what you did for them.

Thank goodness I have a great paying job and I can keep everything going. If I didn’t have this job then I’d be a bit concerned. What did Alfred E Newman say, “What me worry?” The real thing is, I’m a total spend-thrift and I’ve always been that way. The good thing is, I have only one credit card and there is no balance on it. Now four years ago I was making six figures and making minimum payments and getting nowhere. The day I received the house proceeds check I paid off my balances and on that day I said to myself, “Never again.”

I look at credit card balances like being under the ocean; for every dollar, I envision myself one foot under water, at 30,000 feet you are literally crushed but the truth is one foot underwater will drown a man and those debt reduction companies are leaky submarines which take you back to the surface under their speed… I drive around in my little brown Scion toaster and I see people driving around expensive cars and say to myself, “I’ve made tons of money, why are I driving one of those?” Then I say, if I wanted one I could have one but I don’t want to and you know what? This too will pass



Let’s Make America Great Again..?

I don’t want to burst your bubble but America is great and guess what, if you think it isn’t great then try living in Mexico or Honduras because then you can see what great isn’t. Yes, some of our roads and bridges are crumbling from under us but we aren’t having to wait in bread lines. Trust me, if Americans are having to wait in bread lines, then the people in other parts of the world won’t be having lines at all.

America still carries the big stick and we beat who we want with said stick. The United States of America gobbles up the world’s resources like it’s ours to gobble and for being a country of 300,000,000 million, we take what we want, when we want. So when Mr. Trump says, “I want to make America strong again!” What is he talking about?

Stupid catch phrases are just that, stupid and only a moron would think this country we live in is now weak. I find it quite ironic that Mr. Trump talks about bring jobs back to America, wasn’t it he who had a clothing line at Macy’s which was all made in China? 

We here on WordPress are for the most part thinkers, don’t let this narcissist psychopath fool you into believing that America needs to be great again. He’s playing to his audience of stupid people and wasn’t it he who he said, “I like stupid people?” This too will pass

“That’s Poison Man!”

I guess times they are a changing. I was asked to bring sodas and water to Hunter’s birthday party in the park. Trying to be a responsible grandfather, I walked into CVS drugstore and bought a couple of styrofoam coolers, ice and tiny cans of soda pop and small bottles of water. 

The little party was a blast and Hunter was so happy, whether he even knew it was his birthday. He was the center of attention and smiled all day until he had had enough. As the party ended, I began to pack up my unused contribution. I knew I shouldn’t take the soda back to The Firewood Temple for obvious health reasons…

A group of 10 teenagers were gathered under a tree minding their business. I approached them and said, “Any of you want these mini cans of soda?” The unspoken leader of the kids quickly said, “Na, that stuff is poison!” I quickly loaded my poison into the back of my car and took off. How times have changed! This too will pass

I Can’t Wait!

The plane arrived at 5:45pm yesterday and now I know Hunter likes plane rides. Chris said my little pilot didn’t cry or fuss once during the five hours. He’s a big boy now, walking on his own. In a few minutes I’m heading over there to see The Little Family and then off to work I will have to go. I can’t wait to give him a big hug and kiss. What a great coming up week being with my grandson. This too will pass

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?

Waiting for my service order to be worked at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company Central Office, I streamed the classic 1960’s Richard Burton-Elizabeth Taylor movie, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe. I’ve seen it many times and for me it never gets old. It’s a tale of two drunks who play a game that is cruel and sad yet for them it appears to be quite satisfying. 

Martha loves to smash down poor George, she mocks his teaching position at her father’s university and he gets back at her with his own jabs. Martha invites a couple over for an after party drink at 2am; who does that? The two intoxicated hosts proceed to draw the young couple into their sad drama. What’s that they say? Misery loves company.

The final scene takes the cake when the host’s imaginary child is killed off and the viewer realizes that they are so numbed by their addictions that they needed an story with drama to get them thru their day to day lives… I’m no movie reviewer but if you want to see this Mike Nichols masterpiece, you won’t regret it. Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, George Segal and Sandy Dennis really shine in this black and white movie… This too will pass

They’re On Their Way!

Chris just called me and said, “We’re about to take off! Mom is picking us up isn’t she?” I replied, “I couldn’t stop her if I tried. Trust me on that!” I can’t wait to see the little family. I’m off next week and I’m actually excited! This too will pass 

Whole Foods Paint Remover…

I was in a bad mood yesterday and I’ll admit it, I was looking for a fight… After a miserable morning,  I showed up for work and my supervisor presents a new and improved set of productivity results and once again I’m failing in all categories. So by lunchtime, I’m ready to blow but I said to myself, “Maybe some tasty food might sooth my temperament?”

I walked up to the hot food bar and find some Indian food and to wash it down, I walked over to the juice case and grabbed a fresh squeezed bottle of pricey pink lemonade at 3.99 a bottle. I then returned to the truck and ate my food and people watched… The food was spicy but I endured the heat until the final few bites when I opened the bottle for some cooling pink beverage.

I began to chug down the pink liquid when I shouted out, “It’s pink and it’s lemonade but it’s hotter than my food?!” I looked at the ingredients and to my surprise it contained red cabbage for coloring and ginger. “Are they serious? Who puts ginger in a refreshing bottle of pink lemonade?” I would have stood the  pain but I walked back in and asked the tattoo covered manager for either a refund or a bottle of something else. “Sure man, go for it.” He replied. 

I walked back to the cold juice area and picked out some limeade. I carefully looked at the ingredients and saw no unusual things in it such as jalapeƱo chili juice for coloring. I walked back to the customer service area and the guy waved me thru. Maybe I’m still cranky but why would anyone use red cabbage juice to color pink lemonade? This too will pass

My Neighbor…

This morning while clearing the forest, there she was. She paused for a few minutes to check out what I was doing in her home and then went about her day… This too will pass.

The Sound of Silence…

There’s an exact moment when the forest awakens and as of this moment I can’t figure out what time it starts. It’s as if one bird starts the morning serenade and the other birds chime in on cue. Toonce was out until 2am this morning and now he’s sound asleep next to me. Like clockwork, he began to claw the door to get at exactly 2am. He had a bite to eat and then hunkered down to start his first of many naps.

In some ways I don’t believe he appreciates the high pitched bird songs, infact they grate on his sensitive cat ears. Now the whole orchestra is awake and a loud crow just called out, “Now for sure it’s time to get up everyone!” It’s actually good to be back in my routine. No drama. This too will pass