Toonce vs. The Mongrol…

First of all let me say this, Toonce is healing and no long term damage has happened. Secondly, Toonce can run up a thirty foot tree in three single bounds… An uninvited mutt wandered into Toonce’s comfort zone and decided he didn’t like cats. Toonce wasn’t about to let that cur try to take over his area and disparage felines…

The dog rushed Toonce but quickly let out a yelp when Toonce’s claws were engaged. Moments later, Toonce decided he had had enough fight for one day and flight was the best thing to do. I chased the dog away and called the animal hospital. When the receptionist heard it was  Toonce she said, “Bring him right now!” I knew he was injured when all the way to the vets, he didn’t make a single sorrowful meow.

510 dollars later, Mr. Toonce is recovering and is on the mend. If the tail, I mean tale is truth about cats having 9 lives, he used 3 yesterday… As I was exiting the vet, the technician said, “When he heard it was Toonce, we went on full alert!” This too will pass

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