Back To Writing…

It’s been 53 days since I all but ceased writing daily in this journal. Out of privacy to everyone, I won’t go into what happened but all I can say is it truly changed my life. There’s a great verse in Jimmy Webb’s song MacArthur’s Park where he says, “After all the loves of my life, I’ll be thinking of you and wondering, ‘Why?” At least now I won’t for the remainder of my life have to wonder, “Why?” 

She came back into my life on a rainy night unexpectedly in late March. Early yesterday morning I waved goodbye to her as she stepped thru the TSA screening area. When it was all said and done, I guess it was meant to be. What else can I say? This morning I will pull the rig back onto The Firewood Temple and go about my business. 

I look back on these days as the best days off my life but I must always remember that everything is momentary and this too did pass. 

7 thoughts on “Back To Writing…

  1. I remember Richard Harris’ version of that song. Just having somebody who would cause that kind of sweet sorrow is more than some of us have.
    I haven’t caught up with your blog but I imagine there’s a story behind this.

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