It Was Friday the 13th…

After packing Toonce in his cardboard transport box I figured it would be a meowy drive back to The Firewood Temple. We had just left the RV Park when his meows went out of control. Foolishly, I opened the box and let him out. At that moment I heard something come tumbling off a shelf and I pulled over and got out and walked to the side door. 

I opened the door and out sprang a frightened Toonce. It was as if he was spring loaded. Thankfully he ran into the grassy fair parking lot. After a few minutes he calmed down and he let me grab him. I scolded him, “Don’t do that again! You could have run into traffic!” He refused to listen. I loaded him back in the RV and continued on down the road.

A few minutes later he came up to the passenger seat and unknowingly touched the passenger power window button. It all happened so fast! I tried to close the window using my controls but I hit the down button. Toonce jumped out and for a moment I thought, “Oh my God! He was run over by the wheels.” I pulled over and there was no sign of him.

I walked around calling his name, “Toonce Toonce where are you!” All I could think was, “This is a living nightmare!” After about thirty minutes of sheer panic I saw him in front of a house a block away. He was lost but he then saw me and sat down. I picked him up and said, “Toonce you scared the crap out of me! I thought you were dead!” He meowed his disdain for car rides. I put him in the bathroom and continued on with the trip back up the hill… He’s okay and I stopped shaking a few minutes later… This too will pass

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