Life Goes On…

If I hear another complaint about how their internet speed is slow, I’m going to scream. Twenty years ago, if our customers were getting 56,000 bits per second, they were speeding thru the Internet highway. Today a customer was complaining how he was paying for 55,000,000 bits per second and he only was getting 54,500,000. He took out his IPad and showed me a graph showing that indeed he wasn’t attaining 55 mega bites, only 54,500,000 bits per second.

I volunteered to work today and it’s truly a beautiful day here in Oakland. Let’s see what I have to look forward to… The little family from New Jersey is heading out to The West Coast to visit! Hunter is starting to walk independently and I can’t wait to see their faces. I took the Memorial Week off and it happened to coincide with them coming to visit… After all these past interesting days, all I can say is this too will pass.

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