Make America Strong

America 2016 is starting to sound a lot like Germany 1933. It’s a country where a man merely needs to say, “I will make America Strong Again” and his followers scream out his name at his massive rallies. Yes, these are dangerous times when calls for border walls and deportations are cheered by his devout followers. 

What’s next for our nation?” Will targeted store windows be spray painted with charactures of big nosed Arab men and the words, “Boycott this Muslim Store” happen nightly? Will our children be taught in class how to tell a Mexican from a non-Mexican? You might think I’m taking it a bit too far but in Germany 1933 no one thought things would turn out the way they did a short 12 years later. 

When it was all said and done, 50,000,000 people had lost their lives just because people in Germany, Italy and Japan listened to their leaders tell them how they wanted their countries to be great again… If Donald J Trump happens to win, I’m heading to Canada. This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Make America Strong

  1. Let’s face it, hardly anyone goes to Canada. Canada has it’s own issues like waiting for MONTHS to get a surgery that one needs. I have friends and family there. And my one relative who went there when Gore lost the election to Bush is here most of the time anyway. I love that he stomped his feet out of the country yet is here most of the time anyway. In my opinion the best thing to do is to do something to work on getting candidates we want in office. It starts locally. Plus, sometimes we get presidents that we don’t like and we just have to suck it up and roll with the punches. And trust me, I can’t stand Trump but obviously some people do. Alas!

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  2. I haven’t paid too much attention to the news lately. Anymore, it seems we have the choice between Hitler….and Stalin. Which one is going to “lead this country into greatness?” Can’t even type that without disgust.

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