Resting Toonce…

Toonce and I are back to the routine, while I’m away Toonce holds down the fort… I’ve place a ramp board in the window so he can get in and out of the RV but to this date he hasn’t mastered the art of using it to get back in. His cat brain can’t understand the two way concept… When I return back home he’s positioned himself on the roof and meows his welcome.
Today will be a good day for Mr. Toonce to sun himself. It was in the high 70’s when I left at 8:30 this morning… Looking back over the events of the past two months, when it was all said and done, now I don’t need to ask myself, “What if and why?” I worked itself out and that’s the way it ended. I gained some insight and maybe I gained a bit of good karma to make up for all the bad karma I have accumulated.  This too will pass

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