The Horrors! The Horrors!

That was the final line uttered by Marlon Brando’s Major Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. To this day, I wonder why the screenwriter had Major Kurtz say that… Who knows what anyone’s final words will be on their death bed? I’d like mine to be funny such as, “Bring me more yogurt and dog treats.” Everyone will think I had lost it anyway but really what does it matter? Unless you’re a famous individual, no one will care what your last words were.

Most men dying on the battlefield call out for their moms or loved ones. I guess it’s human nature to do that. The truth is, no one wants to die yet as Sri Ramakrishna said, “It’s like hanging up a coat on a coat rack.” The spirit just moves onto it’s next incarnation. Everyday I wonder if this thing we call life is truly Maya, The Grand Illusion or is life real. 

I heard that scientists have discovered a bunch of planets revolving around stars 40 thousand light years away. Maybe just maybe this planet we are on is just a way station in the pony express ride of our existence. Today we are here and who knows maybe we shift operations somewhere else in other lives..? Just an idea and who really knows? I do know that this too will pass

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