Toonce Says Hi!

Toonce and I are officially back in our routine. I get up at the crack of dawn and go down to the future house site and continue to clear the land. Toonce follows me down the road and quietly keeps me company while he suns himself. 

My days have slowed down and I know that everything happens for a reason. I’m still trying to come to terms with what happened these past months and I know what is about to take place far away will play itself out whether I’m involved or not. At this point in my life I can at least look back and say, “So that’s how it worked out and now I go on with my life.”

This chapter in my life taught me if anything, faith. There will be those who will mock and laugh at my actions but I really don’t care for I know why I did what I did. Soon I won’t have to be so discrete and I’ll be able to tell you my story. This too will pass

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