My Story To Tell…

Life is quiet lately at The Firewood Temple, Rob and I recently fell the final tree where his family’s temporary house will be placed in the weeks to come. My daily routine is quite simple; early in the morning I walk down the dirt road and quietly bring the tree’s brush up to the now vacant site. Only the roaming flock of wild turkeys keep me company. Toonce was out late last night so he was passed out on the bed when I left.

Once the permits are issued, work on the house foundation will start. Rob wants to pour the foundation himself to save money and I have full faith in him that the concrete forms will be square and plumb. As I sit here in silence I think how God works in mysterious ways, right when you think you have things solved, a new facet shows itself. 

All I can do is count my blessings and learn from all the lessons in my life. Everyday I think how sometimes things appear to be one thing but are totally different once light is case on the situation and of how things that seem so permanent are only passing. This too will pass

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