Hunter Is Coming Soon!

img_3804I can’t wait to see my little grandson in less than five days! The little family will leave Newark Airport on Thursday morning and head here. I used my Delta points to get them here, little Hunter will have his own seat! Eleina has a fear of planes but will buck up and make the journey. My Chris turned out to be a great father and will protect his family should someone comment about Hunter crying out of pain or fear.

I had taken next week off prior to knowing the little family would travel here, I guess it was meant to be. What a better place for Hunter to be on his first birthday than with his grandma and grandpa. I never thought I’d be a pa. Yesterday, I bought Hunter a couple of sets of construction food plates and a couple of bulldozer forks and spoons. When Hunter is older, I hope I can give him his first set of Legos! I truly hope this doesn’t pass for a long time by I know it will…

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