“That’s Poison Man!”

I guess times they are a changing. I was asked to bring sodas and water to Hunter’s birthday party in the park. Trying to be a responsible grandfather, I walked into CVS drugstore and bought a couple of styrofoam coolers, ice and tiny cans of soda pop and small bottles of water. 

The little party was a blast and Hunter was so happy, whether he even knew it was his birthday. He was the center of attention and smiled all day until he had had enough. As the party ended, I began to pack up my unused contribution. I knew I shouldn’t take the soda back to The Firewood Temple for obvious health reasons…

A group of 10 teenagers were gathered under a tree minding their business. I approached them and said, “Any of you want these mini cans of soda?” The unspoken leader of the kids quickly said, “Na, that stuff is poison!” I quickly loaded my poison into the back of my car and took off. How times have changed! This too will pass

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