Big Bend California

I had decided to take The Little Family up to see Hunter’s great great grandma. Fifty miles east of Redding is the hamlet of Big Bend, it’s hardly a town though it has a ramshackled post office and barn like volunteer fire department building. The town is so isolated that after you turn off the already empty 299, you then zig-zag 18 miles down an even more country road till you reach your destination. 

The adjacent Pit River is known for being a fisherman’s paradise. We took Baby Hunter to check out the fish swimming up and down the river and he loved seeing the squirming fishies going about their day. Francis, Eleina’s grandfather, and I’ll call him “The Big  Hawaiian” knows how to fish from his days in Hawaii says, “I wish I had my pole with me brother.” I guess you can’t take the fisherman out of the Hawaiian?!”

Today we’ll head back to The Bay Area, in all likelihood this will be the last time Eleina sees her elderly relatives. I had to set a 1pm departure time because I need to get back in time to pick up Mr. Toonce from the pet resort (Shhh, he thinks it’s a resort. Icksnay on the vets-snay) This too will pass

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