Just Substitute Jew for Mexican…

Donald Trump once again is making sure his followers know that the judge who ruled against him in his Trump University trial was Mexican-American. You know this guy is a “bad guy” but isn’t that what he always says about those who disagree with him? Stephan Hawkings said it best when he called Trump a demagogue; a man who loves to incite crowds and singles out groups of people to hate.

In the late 1920’s, another man knew he could rally the simple minded souls and turn a country against a group of people. He too spoke about building a lot of walls around that group, infact many walls were built, I was called The Warsaw Ghetto. That whole thing ended quite miserably, 50,000,000 people died as a result of his hate. 

Now I’m for free speech but this man is dangerous and if something doesn’t derail this out of control train then I hope another 50,000,000 souls aren’t dispatched because of this guy’s bravado… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Just Substitute Jew for Mexican…

  1. Do you really think it’s a matter of “simple-mindedness?” Maybe people are just sick of the past politicians who have lied, cheated, stolen and ruined the economy.
    Don’t get me wrong….I am waiting for somebody to crown Trump and “the anti-Christ.” They didn’t shrink from tagging Obama with that label, so why not “the Donald?”
    I hear snips about his racist remarks but I consider the source. On second thought….maybe it is the simple-mindedness of people….look at who we elected in the past several decades.

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