The Firewood Temple…

img_4072This morning I awoke at my usual time of 5am and looked out the window, Toonce meowed, “Why are you bothering me? Go back to sleep.” I had made up my mind to start going about my firewood yoga at 6am before the heat of the day kicked in. Toonce knew I wasn’t going to fall back asleep so he stood up and, grabbed a few mouthfuls of kibble and walked with me down the hill. A deer quietly passed by and probably wondered why I was going to make noise so early in the morning.

I usually do make any noise until I hear other chain saws in the area start to make noise but this morning a fronted loader was already going about its business at 6am. I still didn’t add to the noise, I ended up dragging the cut brush up to the massive pile. Toonce sat on one of the stumps and watched me go about my morning routine. This morning, knowing I didn’t need to save any strength for an evening of work I worked until 11am. Now I’m sitting at the Sonoma Starbucks totally spent. This too will pass

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