This Just In…

The news outlets are reporting the news that former boxer Mohammed Ali has passed away. In newsrooms across the country, news writing interns are searching Wikipedia and Googling his name. They had to say, “Ali was beloved by everyone.” The truth is, for quite something he was reviled by many.

When Mr. Clay changed his name to Mr. Ali in The 60’s, our government sought to take his boxing titles from him and they succeeded until The Supreme Court overturned the case against him. Can you imagine had he converted to Islam today? I can’t stand revisionist history and you’re about to hear a lot of it in the next few days. This too will pass

6 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. I remember this so well. Cassius Clay was loved by white people who like to watch people beat each other up, until he changed his name, and actually demanded dignity.
    They wanted to strip of him of his titles for this.

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  2. I remember when he changed his name. I was too young to really understand what it was all about…and I don’t remember any judgments being made about that….but I do remember judgments being made because he refused to serve in the Vietnam War.
    I just remember chuckling every time I heard him talk. He was so audacious but somehow, at the same time…he seemed so genuine.

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