I’ll Save You The Picture…

I knew the black water tank was nearing capacity, so with that in mind, I battened down the hatches and headed down the hill. I left Toonce on the property knowing he hates car rides and this stinky operation would require the doors being left open. He meowed his good wishes or best of luck, and off I went…

The closest place I knew which has a dumping facility was up at the Sonoma Fairgrounds RV Park. Off I headed down The 12 towards Santa Rosa. Twenty minutes later I pulled into the RV Park and was met by a nice retired camp caretaker. He remembered me from our stay in May but quickly took the ten dollar dumping fee.

The somewhat nasty procedure went without a flaw until I noticed a horrible stench, the black water hose had not only sprung a leak but had tore in two… Let me say this, “You can quickly annoy people when something like this happens.” Thankfully, the hose broke in the rinse out procedure and not prior… If you want to know what a nightmare is, let this happen to you. Now onto a RV place that sells hoses. This too will pass

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