I Felt The Bern…

This is my first primary vote that might have an impact in the coming November 7th election. I’ll vote for Hillary when it counts but I’m in Bernie’s camp until he doesn’t win the nomination. My idea is anyone but The Donald. I walked into the polling place and had to actually wait 15 minutes until I was able to cast my vote which I have never seen in all my years. 

The little old poll workers fumbled for my last name and then handed me the “I Voted” sticker. Proudly I put it on my coat and went into the  mini-booth. In California the sheet ballot requires the voter color the arrow together, I guess it’s better than swinging chads of Florida. If November’s election is close and swinging chads are an issue, I’m going to need to take a handful of antacids and think about a flight to Canada. This too will pass

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