A Day of Semi Rest…

Toonce once again woke me up at 1:45 and 3am, okay so he’s a night wanderer. This morning, I decided to rest and not do my morning firewood asana. Yesterday afternoon I was beyond tired and I knew I might have overdone it in the morning. I picked up my last job at 4:30pm and took it till the end of my shift. My last two hours were passed out in the cab of my truck.

They say a new surgeon kills few but an experienced surgeon has killed many. On that simple job, everything I did was wrong. I replaced the wire to the house, I changed to pair of wires in the street and even the digital port at the box down the block. When it was all said and done, it was a loose connection at the house. 

The new prem tech hadn’t checked the connection and made the ticket to get me out there. In my defense, my digital meter has been acting up and I couldn’t verify that the service was working. I took the word of the novice that there was cable trouble but it was in the house. The customer ended up with a new everything and I was completely exhausted… This too will pass

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