Judge Aaron Persky…

I doubt Judge Persky will be serving on the bench much longer after he gave Stanford Student Brock Turner a lightweight six month sentence for raping that intoxicated woman and here’s the truth, if that fine and upstanding lad was named Jose or Tyrone taking classes at a community college, well he wouldn’t have been given a six month sentence… 

The letter written by Brock Turner’s dad really was kind of disgusting too. He wrote, “Please don’t hurt my son’s chances in life for 20 minutes of action.” Okay I’m paraphrasing it but come on Judge Persky! The judge then said he took the rapist at his word. This is just me but the words of a convicted rapist would be the last I’d believe. Master Turner told the judge he thought they were having consensual sex behind a garbage dumpster, as if that’s like having consensual sex on a resort beach in Cancun. 

Now it’s come out that young Brock indeed did drugs and alcohol prior to college, the judge must not have looked thru the documents for if he had, he would have known that Brock had tried to force himself on other girls. The whole case is disgusting and it shows that maybe in this society, boys can be boys… This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Judge Aaron Persky…

  1. Maybe? Surely you jest. But I do agree that if a poor kid did it things would have been different. Disgusting doesn’t begin to cover it. Hateful…unjust…well, you know. I could go on and on and it won’t matter, as long as the balance of power is so one sided.

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    • I was jesting but maybe not, apparently you can do things solely because you are entitled and go to a upper class university, if that same guy had been going to a community college the judicial system would have thrown the book at him…


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