Fifty Killed in Orlando…

Being that I live out in the proverbial woods without TV, I have the CNN app in my phone to keep me informed. Everytime it bings, a news announcement appears. Thankfully the human brain blocks out sound when one is asleep otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten any sleep last night… The first bing said, “Many injured in nightclub shooting!” It only got worse from there…

I don’t have any of the details but apparently a lone gunman, on a mission, walked into a crowded gay nightclub and started firing. What do you want to bet that somewhere in his possession will be a manifesto and the word abomination mentioned once. I mean who does this sort of thing but a mentally ill religious zealot?

While most everyone will condemn the shooters actions, in some house of worship, a holy man will be blaming those gay men for their lifestyle choices. He will then read a passage out of a book that says, “Man should not lie down with other men.” As if that’s the justification for a gunman to open fire on a crowded gay nightclub…  I remind myself that Jesus once hung out with 13 guys and an unclean woman, so what would he have thought of last night’s events? This too will pass

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